Day 0292 #Headsplitting #Sissypants

122928. #brianBrain

122928. #brianBrain

My head is splitting like a chainsaw through a densely wooded area. The wooded area being my brain, my neurons the trees, and the chainsaw a lightning bolt wielding fire God sending bolt after bolt through my skull. 

the skull part kind of ruins the metaphor there, I think, though the metaphor wasn't strong to begin with. Perhaps.  

The point is, I'm in horrifically unendurable pain And now,, on top of it, in addition to that undeniable fact... Forced to stare dumbly at a cell phone screen in the dark, With No Glasses On, I should add.. as it occurs to me now. Such an idiot! 

And yet here we are.  

Again tonight.  

On tbe 0292 day of our rather intimate relationship, of which I have shared and created most of the content.. but for a few fine comments from my intrepid writing pal Ira.. on this amazing day that finds both you and I still alive.. And


fortunate enough to be in a calm enough state and peaceful enough environment, to pause for a moment and both engage in such a calm - though one sided - chat. 

So good for all that.  

And yet here I am and here you are, and here we both sit, either reading or writing, wondering what will happen next. Both of our heads utterly splitting! 

like a fireman's chainsaw through the bone trees. ...or whatever the hell I wrote back there. Those many seconds ago. For both of us.  


Or wait, I guess maybe you're experiencing this blog entry in a completely different way aren't you? Perhaps with no head splitting lightning bolts shattering your eyeballs with every photon of light from this insidious phone.  

So bully for you.  

Or however that saying goes.  

I blame myself, for the atrocity of this continued self-punishment, this fraying of my eyes and electrocution of my brain... this cursed blog. I blame myself both for initially signing up to do it ..And!.. for not having the Mindfullness to write it at an earlier time, when my only tool for the creation of it, isn't under attack from any number of potential assailants, ... though mostly dehydration and caffeine withdraw.

im not a scientist, admittedly. But I didn't drink much water today, or enough coffee (latte, where were you??..) so I'm guessing those two forgetfulness'es are the culprits directly responsible. 

But I remember suffering from no such affliction when I set out to do this accursed consistency of written and published word production, as I rather in eloquently think of it.. And so we come back to that once again. 

Where was my head??  Can you tell me? 

Alas, none are capable of doing so right now. Neither you, nor I, as the both of us are fully and truly incapacitated. You because you are not nor have ever been.. me, and so couldn't possibly answer that question. Not being with me at the time I pledged to do this... As you weren't.  

If you still follow me...

and Me incapacitated to such a degree, by the bolts through my head, that j can't even remember what j had for supper, let alone what j was thinking when I thought this commitment up. 

And so it remains a mystery. And will ... for at least as long as this headache plagues me..  

But likely as long as ... 

thats it, Brian just shut down as I was starting that last line. I'm coasting into the gas station on empty tonight. 0104.

Shout out to Poppy and Myrtis (will update if spelled wrong #respectElders) and my parents for dinner. Or supper. Whatever .... 

fried eyes out.  


p.s. I wrote j instead of "I" twice in the piece above but left it like that because I enjoy some of Siri's mistakes.

(Except that last one... sh3 wrote Serbs instead of Siri) yikes  

also, sh3 wrote "Brian" instead of brain back there. But I think I'll take to calling my brain Brian. It's as good a name as any with but the one letter difference.  

pps.. I am aware of no other mistakes and will make no further corrections. 0112. Out.