Day 0288 #ChristmasSurvival

122524. #ChristmasLightning

122524. #ChristmasLightning

Whew! Almost forgot the entry tonight.

It's 0059 and we just put the boy down after he pretty much snored all the way through his first Christmas Eve.

Daddy had a little wine, you see,and a lot of Chinese food, and has been dreaming of sleep for the last couple of hours. Then just as I got the opportunity to go to bed a few minutes ago after a relaxing night of muted holiday festivities I remembered I had to write this cursed entry. 

Twas a close thing.  

There would have been no excuse whatsoever as we did little all day but stay in our sweats and hang out at home. Just what the doctor ordered if you ask me ~which you didn't~ as we have a long day of visits and eating and driving scheduled for tomorrow. But surely I should have managed to thumbed out something earlier, knowing as I did that wine and Chinese food would be devoured tonight. 

And yet here we are...

Jeannette's sister Christina and her boyfriend Nelson came and spent the evening with us. We watched a classic episode of WKRP; yes, the one where Johnny Fever does the alcohol test on air and drives the cop to drink by the end after his reflexes actually get better the more intoxicated he becomes. If you haven't seen it check it out.

Loved that show.

Shocking it only got four seasons. 

We then watched Elf, Will Ferrel's audition for Saturday Night Live on YouTube "Kids, get off the goddamned shed now!" Very funny. And then tucked into Rudolph, that stop action animated classic from the 1700's... or something.

I don't know, I'm shit with dates and have had some wine. Who can say? 

All I know is that the behaviour of Santa Claus and Donner (Rudolphs father) was shocking. Nothing but bullying and shit attitudes for the whole lot of them. Surly puppets all around. Which was likely a result of the moods of the creative people involved in working on that project. Stop action animation must have been a real bitch to produce.  

About halfway through that one Jeannette's mom and her husband got back and we drank some more wine and opened gifts.  

Nelson is the quintessential woodsman. A hunter with an encyclopedic knowledge of pretty much everything, but survival and woods related skills in particular. As this is a new area of interest for me I'm always excited to pick his brain about things and look forward to eventually getting out in the woods to hunt with him at some point in the future.

Mi had just finished telling him I'd like him to make a list of all the things I should have on me when out gallivanting through the woods when we decided to open some presents.

Turns out they got me a kickass survival guide that comes broken down into 333 skills to be used in pretty much any emergency or wilderness scenario one might find oneself in during the course of this hurly burly business of life. 

I'm particularly excited given the fact it seems very well structured to work with the PAO system I'm devising so it'll be a great way to test some of my memorization systems. Which I foresee to be happening pretty soon. 

In fact that's what I spent the majority of my day on; reorganizing my computer and all the files I have on it to coincide with the PAO system.

A few things occurred to me as I was falling asleep last night while finishing up listening to my lectures on the Eastern Intellectual Tradition on audible. A couple of new ideas that will make all this madness even more clear and efficient. 

Its a long road this memory stuff, but as long as it's moving forward, I refuse to get frustrated or disillusioned.  

It seems my whole adult life has been an excercise in trying to become more organized. I seem to go through a metamorphoses every couple of years that sees me cleaning up my computer and files and synergizing all the new programs I'm using etc.  

Such exciting Christmas Eve conversation!!  

So we're in bed now and I suppose Santa Claus is on his way. The poor bastard is going to be in for a bit of a surprise over Ottawa tonight as he and his reindeer will have to contend with thunder and lightning if he plans on making his usual rounds tonight. That's not something I've ever seen on Christmas Eve. Thunder and friggin' lightning.  

Stupid Al Gore.  

Tomorrow we get up whenever we get up and then head over the Jeannette's dads side of the family for more introductions. They haven't met Blaze yet, nor me, for that matter, which should be interesting. They're also a rather religious bunch from what I hear so the fact that we're not married and Blaze isn't "officially" baptized may be cause for some interesting conversation. But ol' daddy is more than prepared in that department. I may not do things exactly as you're supposed to on paper, but I'm not without my ability to talk.. in any situation. And have things rather well thought through regardless. So I'm not too worried. 

After that we head over the J's other sisters place for Christmas dinner which I'm looking forward to. It'll be a lot of fun. All Blazes cousins and aunts and uncles on this side of the fence will be there to keep him occupied and there will be tables full of food for my myself and I. 

So a good time will be had by all I have no doubt.

Thats it for this one. I hope you have a good Christmas too, whatever you're up to, wherever you are.  

Stay classy San Diego. \mp