Day 0286 ...

122322. #ZombieState

122322. #ZombieState

Another debacle of a day sleep wise.

I do hope this blog doesn't serve to discourage the growth of the human race by putting fear into the hearts of potential reproducers out there. That would certainly not represent my intent with the day to day documentation of our new life with this little squealing bundle of joy. 

And yet here we are.

It's now 1:35am and our night hasn't even started yet.  

Blaze is currently passed out on my chest in the recliner at Jeannette's moms place as I do my best to thumb this entry out on my phone. Jeannette herself is unconscious on the couch next to me, having begged for just a little sleep before taking him up to bed. I think she had only an hour or so in mind but I'm trying to give her as much as I can, given the fact she let me nap for a couple hours earlier today. 

And boy did daddy need it.  

The nights feel like there've been getting worse, if that's possible. We're thinking now that he may have come down with a bit of a cold or something as he's fussier than usual and has been having some issues eating.

All great news! 

I got out of bed this morning having felt like I'd only just laid down to sleep. That, or perhaps I'd just been run over by a golf cart. Full on zombie state. We grabbed some food, packed Blaze up and came back to the house.   

The back and forth is killing us. And it's not making things better for the kid either. There's just no way to get him into any kind of a routine, which at three months we should really be starting to focus on.

It's good to see everyone, don't get me wrong, but the current schedule is just unsustainable given how little this kid sleeps.  

We were supposed to go in to see my accountant today but that plan got axed altogether. And for the rest of the trip, aside from a Christmas Day dinner, anyone who wants to see us can come see us. Otherwise, if we keep this up we'll be flying home on Saturday and all of us will be sick. 

This'll probably be the last trip for a while. The only possible caveat to that would be the rather long flight back to Vancouver for a season 3 but it's hard to say how likely a prospect that is at this point. 

The final episodes of the show aired last night. We watched them with J's brother. I thought they were pretty good and wrapped up what I consider to be a really solid season of funny considering the circumstances. 

We all took a pay cut to shoot this season, which is unheard of in sitcom lore I think. Who gets less money, to do another season?? But we did. We also shot two full episodes per week instead of the usual one. Also, a tall and unusual order given the amount of material that amounts to.  

I'm not sure anyone but the show Anger Management has done that and they likely only did it in order to spend as little time as possible with Charlie Sheen. It's a tough way to make a good comedy, but I'm proud of the effort we all put in. 

Oh boy, the kid is awakening on my chest. I've already alerted Jeannette who will hopefully get a warm bottle of robo-juice over here in time to settle him back down before the shrieking begins.  

As always, it's a race against the clock. At least this way, with him on top of me, I'm alerted to the subtle hints that he's about to explode. Which are happening as I thumb this!! 

Oh this is grim.  

I have to get some sleep tonight. That just has to happen. Although with all plans shut down tomorrow I suppose I'll just take it whenever I can.  

Our Christmas shopping is done, the forecast is calling for freezing rain. So why not just stay in and sleep? 

That's it for tonight Munks. An abrupt end to a long and tiring day.

Have a great 23rd of December.