Day 0285 "Package Deal Finale"

1937. I've got nothing!



The season and possibly series finale of Package Deal is on tonight. So for the 50 or so people who somehow found that out, please watch!!

10pm Eastern time... 11pm Nova Scotia time. Not sure that's considered prime time or not, but hey, we're airing. So that's a plus.  

These are funny episodes, if I recall correctly. Jon Dore is guest starring and he's very funny, so that should be a good indication. We had a good time shooting our scenes he and I. Wasted a lot of digital footage cracking up during the last scene to the point people started getting pissed at us. Always a good time. 

I'm almost too tired to watch myself. I say almost because I know Jeannette will want to watch them and will keep me up. But I think I'd be quite happy to just sleep. 

It'll be interesting to see if we get the third season and how it all shakes down after tonight. I'm under contract till March, I think, so there's still plenty of time.

It's just hard to know how the decision could be made given the discombobulated nature of this season. 

So, interesting then.

I guess we'll see. 

I tried to upload that lip sync protest I'd shot a while back so I could at least share it with the cast and some of the crew, but man oh man, there's just no way to do that.

Well, I'm sure there is a way, if I had the time and patience to figure it out, but I do not!

I thought maybe Vimeo would upload a video, even if there's a copyright issue. I used the Sam Smith song... title escapes me. But even Vimeo flags it making it unviewable, same as YouTube. Even iCloud Drive was a bust.

I would have been more annoyed, and tried a little harder to get it up somehow, if I didn't realize a while ago that technically it would constitute a promo for the show. And I wouldn't want to use someone else's work for that purpose without permission. I'm a performer myself, so I get the thinking. 

However, having already done the work, and having had it come out pretty funny, and a nice little ventilation of frustration in a good natured way, I was hoping to show it to a few more people than just Randal. But it appears that won't be the case.  

So be it. Hardly a big deal.  

I did give a good attempt this afternoon after a morning spent with Blazer. Jeanette went out to brave the chaotic isles of Walmart and a few other places for some last minute Christmas shenanigans.  

I have to say I'll take a diaper full of shit and a cranky baby to that fiasco any day of the week and twice on holidays. He actually wasn't that bad. We hung out with Jeannette's two year old nephew and watched the movie Ice Age.  

Well, Lucas, the little guy, bailed after about twenty minutes. His mom came in and asked if I wanted her to put something else on but by then I was heavily invested in the animated drama and plight of Ray Romano and the gang so I told her I wanted to see it through. 

After the movie Jeannette got back and we had visitors and hung out eating home made donuts and watching the kids take swings at each other.

You've gotta watch the boys around Blaze. Their relationship is very similar to the relationship between John Malkovich's character Lenny, in "Of Mice and Men". Blaze is a "cute little Bunny" they love to shower with affection until they get upset with the attention he gets and snap him like a twig when you aren't looking.

I kid, of course, they've been great with him. The youngest has taken to feeding him and bringing him his soother whenever he cries. Pretty adorable.  

Well its 2017 so I'll shut this one down for tonight. Enjoy the shows if you happen to catch them. Hopefully they won't be the last episodes, but if they are I think they'll be a good couple shows to cap off the whole shebang.  

Nite munks \mp