Day 0280 #RoughStart

1253. #NoSleep

121716. #Frustration #NewDad #HealthCare

121716. #Frustration #NewDad #HealthCare

I'm writing today's entry because currently there is little else to do. Jeannette and I are on no sleep and as a result the brain is only functioning at around 30% capacity. 

Which means I don't have the energy to focus on work or do anything physical, but if you read this blog on a consistent basis at all I'm sure you'll agree 30% brain power is more than enough for an entry by the mouthy primate. 

There's only so much preparation and work I put into the 30 minutes of daily writing to you.  

This kid is kicking our ass.  

He just doesn't sleep.

Well, he slept great during the day yesterday. On daddy's chest. In fact, he'll often sleep like a little angel if there's a warm human being underneath him. But if not, he just won't settle.  

And therein lies the rub.

Given the fact there's only two of us, and being warm blooded humans ourselves who as a result need some sleep ourselves, we're left struggling to keep up with the days and nights.  

Thus, as I said and feel I need to say again, this kid is kicking our ass.  

Even people who know babies say he just never wants to sleep. I don't know if it's because he doesn't want to miss anything, he's nosey by nature, or there's some other issue plaguing him that we're just not aware of. 

He seems much more settled now that he's on the reflux meds, but who can say?

Certainly no one with a PhD it seems. Though I will admit the medication for his reflux has helped the shrieking and general discomfort somewhat.

But the dire warnings that follow whenever speaking to a doctor with regard to allowing him to sleep on his belly -and other ridiculous threats such as how such parenting is essentially subjecting him to an increased chance of SIDS, by doing anything out of line with current medical theories pretty much offsets any progress made by the elixir we give him daily.

Seriously, from some of the nurses at the hospital to pretty much any health care provider we've spoken to, we've been bombarded with supposed knowledge of how dangerous it is to do this or that with your child; when EVERY SINGLE family member or older person we've spoken to say the exact opposite. 

All their kids slept on their stomach. Or in bed with their parents. Or any of the other behaviours that nature and no sleep has you fall into when you take the little devils home. 

But in the end it doesn't matter.

You're left with either a baby who won't settle in the way "science" tells you he should, or deep feelings of guilt and worry if you let them sleep or settle in the only way he will. With the feeling that if something were to happen... well, it's sort of your fault isn't it? I mean, you were warned weren't you. 

So either way you don't sleep.  

Such bullshit.

Daddy's pretty annoyed today, if you can't already tell. No sleep and the frustration of that prospect merely continuing into the future will do that to you.  

Of course I remain with my perspective fully intact, so don't worry. No one is headed over the deep end over here. None of this is Blazers fault. The fact is, he's just a very dialed in little guy who's taking in his surroundings in a very alert way.  

No doubt he'll be some sort of wizard as a result. especially once that little brain is trained with the PAO system his dad is working hard to create. 

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Unless that "other way" allows him to maintain all that alertness and sleep more than three hours at a time; which currently, he's just not into.  

And so its 1313, we have yet to eat and have jettisoned any plans for the day. Those plans had involved taking him to Sitto's work to meet all the ladies. But nay! We'll just stay in and continue to wait to turn a corner since most if not all interventions have been taken. 

And also, dads pretty tired of hearing everyone's assertions on what they're sure the issue is.  

So instead we will stay here and watch a television that's limited to either looped sports highlights or the news, which as I said yesterday, is an ever escalating review of the various horrors occurring in the world. 

So we'll find no solace there.  

If a coffee shop hostage situation ending in the deaths of two contributing members of society wasn't enough to get your humanity riled up, how about a Pakistani school terrorist attack and the deaths of over 140 people, most of them innocent children?  

Grim news today all around. 

I hope you guys are faring better. 

Have a good day munks.

Unless you plan on having an uninterrupted nap. In that case, I hope a stray cat gets into your house and jumps on your face!