Day 0278 #Exhausted

121514. #...

121514. #...


Hey, remember when I said I was hoping to sleep last night. Yeah, well that didn't happen. Between Blaze being fussy and a sudden re-emergence of my back pain there wasn't a lot of zzz's last night at all. 

Jeannette got even less sleep than I did for sure and ended up f'ing up her own neck trying to keep Blaze comfortable on a futon. All in all it was a rough evening that led to one of those mornings when you wake up ready to dunk your head in the toilet and flush. 

Thankfully it got much better from there. We made our way to Jeannette's brothers place for a family get together/lunch. Amazing food and lots of family we don't get to see a lot of. And of course the little bugger got more attention at the party than he knew what to do with.  

We ended up staying much longer than anyone else and left sometime around 8pm. We're now back at the house and Jeannette is searching for a Christmas movie to watch while I lay here writing you. 

And when I say a Christmas movie I mean ANY Christmas movie. It reminds me of when I was a teenager and was looking for nudity on TV late at night. It didn't matter what the show was or how awful the acting was as long as there was the promise of some naked ladies at some point. 

Fashion File anyone? 

Red shoe diaries perhaps? 

Well that's Jeannette with Christmas movies. And I will make the comment here and now that these movies are far worse than any of the late night foreign films I watched as a burgeoning (and patient) teen.  

Tomorrow I think we actually get to chill and do very little. Sitto is home all day and will likely want the boy all to herself. Unfortunately she has to work a lot this week and next so I'm sure she'll want to get some quality time in now. Which again, is ok with dad. Rock away!

Hopefully I'll get to work a little though I won't plan on it. Plans are almost impossible with an infant. So I'll remain hopeful and see what happens. 

Well it's a short one tonight munks. 22:41 and I'm tapping out. My exhaustion is palpable. 

Enjoy your Monday.