Day 0277 #Ottawa

121413. #TravelStinkEye

121413. #TravelStinkEye


Well we made it to Ottawa and are now at J's mom's place. We had a big feast, a little wine, and now Blaze is getting passed around like a joint. 

He was a champ on the plane. He slept on me the entire time. He cried for a second when we sat down and tried to feed him, then I strapped him to my chest, shoved the soother into his mouth and that was it. He woke up on landing, Jeannette took him, and he pooed.

If that wasn't perfectly timed for the two males in our family (I speak of him and I..) I don't know what is.  

Not surprising he pooed on landing. I'm sure I pooed myself the first time I landed in a plane as well. Hardly his fault. Its a terrifying thing for any primate to go through when they haven't even been introduced to the technology first.

We were all packed up and out the door before the smell assaulted all those lucky passengers who stayed on the plane to continue on to Toronto.

Well, the ones who took our seats after we left likely caught a faint whiff of the demonic sludge but otherwise we all escaped unscathed. 

23:06 #Intermission

I had to take a moment to go calm the boy once again. We forgot to give him his reflux meds before we fed him so that along with the chaos of his first trip left him somewhat shriekish. 

No matter. Nothing a couple of minutes on the daddy chest can't fix. He's now sleeping with Jeannette in the other room after a delicate hand off while I am now camped out in the bedroom.  

I know I've said I wanted nine kids but if we keep this sleepng apart thing going the mathematical geography just won't support it.

Pretty sure mommy's and daddy's still have to actually have physical contact for babies to be made; the fact that the star of this holiday was born as he was not withstanding. 

I have absolutely no idea what the plans are while we're here. I am in full-on 'go with the flow' mode. I've already eaten enough food to have made a significant dent in my appearance. And by dent I would have to mean the opposite. Bulge? Well, no, that's not the right word either. Mommy is in the other room entirely. 

Whatever, I'm stuffed. Satiated. Well fed. Bulbous. There it is. Bulbous is the word I was looking for. I feel quite bulbous. 

I'm secretly hoping Jeannette's mom will have missed him SO much that she'll get up with him when he needs to feed next so I can get a solid night of sleep.  But as always I will be prepared to dock with a screaming baby at any point through the night. Still, if it doesn't happen tonight I'm sure dear ol' dad will get some much needed rest this trip for sure! 

I don't want to suggest I'm not having a great time with Blaze. He's the best and there's no feeling like having your own kid calm down in your arms. Or sleep on a plane all curled up in your chest. It's the greatest. and those are just two of many examples of how he's already made my life so much more meaningful. Both he and J. 

I merely point out that occasionally getting a break from the no-sleeping thing is a celebratory experience that I can only liken to finding a big golden nugget in the ditch outside your house.

We'll see if I get to rub that precious gold nugget tonight! Although again, I'm sleeping solo so...   

Perhaps I should stop mixing my metaphors. I think we're all getting a little confused.  

I do know that we're spending the day and night at J's brother Tony's place tomorrow. They've got two boys of their own and we're definitely looking forward to seeing them. He's already met Blaze. Drove down with J's mom's husband just after he was born. But the rest of the family will be getting their first taste of the little Scottish Lebanese hybrid.  

There can't be too many of those around I wouldn't think. 

Okay. It's 11:20. Daddy's clocking out. Have a great Sunday munks.