Day 0276 #Exhausted

12.13.12 #NavyProhibition

12.13.12 #NavyProhibition

We haven't even started the trip to Ottawa yet and both Jeannette and I are nearly unconscious. 

She's already gone to bed. At 10. That's how beat up she is. Blaze too. Out like a light. I'm going to write this cursed thing and then I'll be done too.  

We're out at my parents place tonight .. again. Although this trip was planned. They're taking us to the airport tomorrow so we figured we'd get all our shit packed up and then stay here for the night.  

Figured it would be easier.  

Except it meant we had to jam all our packing and cleaning and last-minute-visit goodbyes all into one day. And we barely made it through without face planting and drooling all over someone's floor.  

And we still have more to do tomorrow. We didn't get through it all today. Blaze was better, is better, but today it was back to basics where one of us could work and the other one has to keep him occupied. And there are just limits to what you can accomplish with that system. 

When we finally ran out of time we packed him up and went to see our cousin who lives down the road. They're heading to Disney and beyond tomorrow. Driving down. Seven in a van! Adventurers, the lot of them.

Well, when I say "down the road" I certainly don't mean the kind you probably pictured.  

I'm sure that to 99% of my readership a road is a paved thing that allows you to travel in relative comfort and stability for as far as time and effort will allow.

Not so on the north mountain. Not so when it has rained for the past couple of days and the gravel all washed away. 

There were a few spots when I wasn't sure if the Pilot was going to get up the hill. We should have strapped Blaze to the back of a dirt bike. Might have made better time.  


After that we drove in to see my grandfather and his companion. We had a good visit with them and regaled them with the latest adventures of Blaze. 

Then we packed him up and went to my parents place for dinner. My sister and her kids met us there and we just wrapped that up a little while ago.  

And everything shut down quick after they left. Pretty sure my parentals even called it quits for the day. Could be the weather as well. Rain and fog makes everyone a little drowsy I think.   

So tomorrow we'll get up early and head over to the house. I have to try to get more wood in so that its dried out by the time we get back. I also have to clean the basement.

You care, I know, but hey, all these entries can't be gold!

"Are any of them?" 

Man, that internal critic of mine is a harsh mistress. It's a good thing I don't let him out too often any more.  

Jeannette will be going into town to return some of the shirts she got me for my birthday. Apparently 'fat daddy' as I now call myself, is no longer in the 'medium'  category. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Larges then. For the foreseeable future.

I have no intention of working this extra gut meat off until well after the holidays. Hell, I didn't even pack my belt for this trip!!

How bad is that? ! 

A) I know I won't be getting any thinner while we're there for the holidays, npt with all that amazing food around and B) All my jeans are in the "this is only just wearable" phase, so there isn't anything required to "hold them up" at this point anyway. 


But who gives a shit. Who am I trying to impress? I can still climb a tree. I can still skate around at high velocity and could certainly run if I had to; though I'm hoping whatever the emergency is that required the running in the first place only needs a good short burst. ...with plenty of time to warm up first.  

All right kids. It's 10:22. That's it for me. I had considered discussing the Canadian Navy's decision to jettison the booze on board ship for its sailors. My father told me about when we got here today. 

Naval prohibition. Who'd have thunk it. I wonder how that'll fly with, you know, grown men and women defending their country.  

Of course the cost of the booze that remains on ship (for special occasions) will be going up as well. 

Pretty soon soldiers will have to buy their own meals in the mess hall and will be made to wear sponsorship banners on their camouflage like European hockey players. 

"This assault on a village in Afganistan is brought to you by Boston Pizza." 

Foolishness abounds!  

Nite munks.