Day 0275 #Grim

121211. 0120 #GreenScreen

121211. 0120 #GreenScreen

I'm too tired to think, so this one might be somewhat of a doozy.

We are 'abed' right now after a good solid chunk of frolicking and general chicanery, and I still have a whole night of work ahead of me. 

This blog and some photoshopping that has to be done by tomorrow.

I'll also need food at some point.  

Thus, grimness abounds! 

It was a busy busy day.

As I haven't returned her email I'll take tonight to say thank you to my friend Dawn for her birthday wish the other day.

She emailed instead of calling so as to not wake our 'colicky' baby. A boon! For certain, since that no doubt would have happened and my birthday would have been spent becoming deaf at a dangerously exponential rate. 

Blaze is much better since we gave him the tranquility syrum. I'm sure it has a much more technical, medical name but syrum it is to me, and tranquilly is what it seems to bring to him.

He's like a little Buddha now. Smiles a lot more and has slept. Last night six hours straight. Speaking of boons... and now tonight, he's out again and also slept most of the day. 

Oh he had his moments to be sure. In fact whist Jeannette was getting him a bottle at 6 am this morning he plum shat right through his onesie and onto his dads chest.  

Not much, don't douse your visual in baby poo.

But there was a warmth...

Well, anyway, nasty stuff this shoddy diaper making. I'll go ahead and blame China since I haven't checked the box to see where they were actually made and that would be the best guess odds-wise.  

Also they smell like melamine.   

A rough start to the day but it certainly went up from there. How could it not?  A fair point.  

We cancelled some rather unnecessary errands; getting the tint taken out of the rear windshield of the pilot and a somewhat long trek for a present that could, and was, handled over the phone. With a much better surprise as a result, in my opinion. 

Which meant I got to stay home and got to enjoy a bit of the mild weather out in the yard.

I didn't get much work done as Jeannette was dominating the packing ~she enjoys doing it for some reason, I think so she gets to pick my clothes. Not enough dolls as a kid perhaps... and thus, someone had watch the little Blaze.

So daddy did a lot of sitting today. And pacing. And gently rocking, and shushing, and all the other skills I've developed over the last three months to calm down a squaking infant.

We watched a bit of TV and took a nap in the recliner.  

Well, he slept and I figured out how to do more tricks with a green screen. Then my dad came by so I could show him the heating system, he'll be watching the house while we're away. We chatted with him a bit and bobs your uncle I'm now laying here dreading the fact I still have editing to do.  


And now my phone is dying!  


Will I get this done and posted (with pic) before I'm forced to get up??

I should mention the plans have changed since Jeannette just read the time on my phone. She's shutting the whole operation down.  

After she makes me some toast.

What a doll!

She just got me to check Blaze so I had to get up anyway. Grim, grim, grim.  

He's comatosed. He's out so cold we were worried for a second. But we did the old standby for checking to make sure, the technique used by new parents since the beginning of time; 

We poked him.  

He's good. Just out like a light.

It's a brand new day guys. We can cancel the shipment of birth control devices! It doesn't have to be like that!  

Thanks again science!

Honestly, the first warm bodies, inquisitive human I see in lab coat I'm giving a hug.

It'll make it tough if it's a pharmacist, given the fact I'll have to go up over the counter. Not to mention those extra two feet of unnecessary elevation. But it'll be worth it.

My way of giving back to the dedicated men and women who study the shit out of things and devise new ways of fixing all the many possible malfunctioning bits inside us. Way to go!

38 years ago a very little Robby MacDonald was called "colicy" and my parents just had to deal with the shrieking.

Now they call it "reflux" and give you something that takes away the discomfort and leaves behind a kid that smiles all the time and sleeps like a champ.  

Brand new day.  

Next stop tricorders and holo decks.