Day 0273

12.10.09 #Calisters #HungerGames #PuddingCake

12.10.09 #Calisters #HungerGames #PuddingCake


I had a good birthday today though it certainly didn't start great.

Shortly after I finished up the blog last night, around 3am, I was handed a fussy Blaze while Jeannette went to get his formula.  

He proceeded to shriek into my face for ten straight minutes in bed inconsolably. It was a shock to the system, let me tell you. Like going head first into the Bay with a group of old Polar Bears. 

Then we repeated the process again at 6. Yikes. 

After that however, things looked up. When I got out of bed Jeannette carted me off to breakfast at our favourite place.

Then we headed home and I was given leave to work in the basement by my captor. In fact, I wasn't allowed to go upstairs for a good couple of hours. I feel like that particular surprise might have been better served if the house wasn't filled with the aroma of freshly made cake.

Pudding cake, to be exact. Which, if you haven't had, you haven't lived!

Once that was done I was whisked away again, first back here to the house, where I later learned Jeannette dropped off the cake, and then we were off again to the theatre.  

Hunger Games. Mocking Jay. It was pretty good, though I find I don't get lost in movies like I used to. I also tend to watch for other things as well as thinking about my own story. 

Jeannette was no better. This was her longest spell away from Blaze and by the time the movie got going she was struggling. My mom was sending her pictures the whole time.  

After the movie we drove around looking for a place to eat but everything in this town was closed up! Brutal! Oh, how I miss the places in LA. I won't even bring a few of them up to Jeannette. If I were to even mention the words "Hot & Juicy" she'd stab me in the face. 

We finally settled on a pub where we got our food to go. Of course. But to be honest I was looking to get home as well. Ol' daddy's tired tonight.  

Tomorrow I've got loads to do. We have a bunch of shit that needs to get done before we head to Ottawa for the holidays and I'll be out all day doing that.  

Hard to say how much sleep will be had tonight however, as the little water bug is up to his old fussy tricks. It looks very much like we'll be getting him that medication (one of my many errands tomorrow) and starting him on it ASAP. 

I'm a little trepidatious about the flight but hopefully he'll be feeling better by then. Of course there is the strong possibility that we have what's known as a "fussy baby"; that surprisingly common organism that continues to maintain its discomfort after every conceivable technique has been attempted to soothe it. 

Not that you ever stop looking for ways to calm an upset baby.

Nevertheless, being mere mortals as we are, further handicapped in the situation by virtue of the fact that we're not even doctors, there is only so much we can do.  

Okay, 2328. That's my allotted time for this evening friends, family, Munks and loyal readers. Once again I appreciate the check in.

For those of you who wished me a happy birthday, thank you!