Day 0271 #CatMarkers

120807. #1700  #WaterTruck

120807. #1700 #WaterTruck

I woke up a bit late today, though the nights sleep was balls again, so any hour you get up is going to feel wrong. 

We had to get some stuff done at the house and for the house so we left the bundle with his grandmother and set off in our Honda Pilotator for home. 

We got there at 12:15 and Jim the hot tub doctor was a half hour later. Good dude. I liked him a lot.

I asked about winterizing it and he said, "well does it run?" Yes. "Then let's fire it up man. They're great at this temperature." So he tried but the flow switch was busted. It had frozen and died. Otherwise it was in good shape. 

He took the part and will check in Tuesday. So that's the update on that, guys. Hot tub. The luxury! The fungi! The skin rashes! 

Jeannette was just leaving as he arrived. The door blew open as he pulled in the driveway by the way... must be a doctor thing. She headed out for food stuffs and dinner for tonight. She created a feast for me and the parentals. 

While she was gone I went out in the woods. I spent a good couple of hours looking for the survey markers for my property. Four of them. Stumbled on the first one a few weeks ago and knew there were flags out there. 

It was a bit of a treasure hunt actually. It's three acres so not crazy massive but a good size lot and about 70% of it wooded. I squatted down behind the one I found and could see a narrow clearing of trees revealing what was the surveyor line heading deep in the woods toward my South Western marker. 

The adventure actually just started with what was going to be a stroll through the path leading out into the woods from the back yard. I was picking out interesting spots with the intention of maybe clearing it out and putting things. 

A gazebo perhaps. A meditation hut. A fire pit. I don't know... lots of potential out there.  

I realized it was no good to just go for a 'walk' and pick out spots if I didn't know the particular 'spot' in question was even on my lot. So I figured I should try to find my lines. 

Yada, yada, yada I had a good day in the cold woods of my yard.  

Then Jeannette came home, just after five and off we went back to the mad house for the night. My parents house that is. 

Have I told you Jeannette wants to stay out here the rest of the week? I suppose if we're dropping him off on Tuesday for my birthday ~to do things I have not been briefed on~ and will then be out there Friday night as well, before my parents drive us to the airport for the Christmas trip.. then I suppose the case can be made for staying. 

The boy is still fussy. He's fussy right now, in fact, and has been taken into the TV room with my mom to assume the position. It involves being held close to her chest and neck. One, two minutes tops and he's out like a light.  

We're hoping the formula change has him sorted out by tomorrow but we're calling for the prescription for the reflux stuff anyway. And who knows, maybe that won't work either. Maybe it just really, really pisses him off that he can't talk.. or move of his own accord.. or eat the delicious food his mom makes.  

Food made when she's not busy calming him down I should add.  

Which means daddy has gone back to being a bit of a forager of late. There's been pizza and subway, often in the same day. I walked by a lot of trees today my friends, and I can't rightly say if I could have climbed any of them. 

Mostly because the trees mostly seem dead and hollowed out or downed from the storms. Still! I'm not in tip top organizational shape right now. The monkey needs to get his house in order.  

But not till after the holidays. I'm going to be surrounded by so much great food and eggnog in a week from now. No need to starve ourselves any more dear friends.  

As I said, if Package Deal comes back a funny fat brother certainly doesn't hurt the show, and if it doesn't, the next role I'll play is something I write for myself. So we're all good!  

Well that's it for tonight guys. A quick shout out to my friend Ira Heinichen at the I checked in last night and he's been writing a ton lately! Well done sir. Hope you're feeling better. 

Nite munks