Day 0270 "New Formulation"

2219 #madHouse


Just got home after another five hour shift at the house. Well, I devoured two unnecessary pieces of pizza first, after walking in the door... and then I sat down to clock in with you lot. 

I feel... doughy.  

It's a mild and rainy night down here in the Valley this evening, after a rainy and foggy day. I didn't get any wood in the basement as a result. Too wet out.

I did manage to get a shitTon of work done on the PAO\book. 

I also started a fire in just under five minutes. Not too shabby. I'm a wizard now. No flame or anything. From embers. Like an actual woodsman!

I had planned on taking us home today but Jeannette wanted to stay out another night. My mom has been a big help getting Blaze all sorted out. We're trying that new formula now, on account of his continued general discomfort. Gave him his first batch earlier today. 

We've been told it takes a couple of days. Fingers crossed.  

He's not a very happy camper right now, I'll tell yo that. I just held him for a good hour and had to simultaneously shush him while bouncing him against my chest with one arm while patting his back with my other hand. 

And if I stopped one of them it was a one way jet train ticket to fussy town. 

Jeannette has taken him and now has him settled down on his belly for his 30 minutes of "back strengthening" time.  

I've just been informed that we're going to be staying out here till Monday. I'll have to go out to the house again tomorrow because the hot tub guy is coming out to assess our situation but otherwise I'm fine with it.  

I'm not sure I've even mentioned I have a hot tub, or at least not for a long time. It's been unoperational since we bought the place so we either have to fix it up or winterize it. 

I'll likely stay out and work some more after he leaves. I sat my mother down this morning and went over the software and process involved in the dictation work. I think it'll be pretty seamless once we get going. And pretty great considering I may get away from the keyboard altogether. 

My wrists are humming in approval of that idea right now.  

The Evernote work is really settling into a nice rhythm as well. It's going to make the process of keeping my ideas in order and ready to go when the writing resumes. Which, I'm guessing will be over the holidays as I won't have access to my son again until after we come back. 

Between Jeannette's family members fighting to take him and her mother daddy will have a lot of time to work no doubt. Work and eat. 

Oh sweet Jesus in the garden the food. I'll be doughy when we get back indeed. 

Just as well. Every sitcom needs a funny fat guy. #PackageDeal