Day 0264 #Quick&Dirty

Day 0264.jpg

This will be as the title implies. A quick and dirty little entry. The bare, unadulterated minimum, as they say. It's 2:30am and I have to be back over to the house by 8:30am because the furnace guy is coming over at some point early. 

I think I remember something about 10 o'clock but I can't be sure. So I'll have to just go. 

You don't toy around with companies that will actually drive to your house out in the woods. You wouldn't think in this day and age it would be a trial to get help for the typical household types of issues that crop up from time to time. But it has been.

So I'll have to try to get some sleep in the next few hours in order to be fresh enough to answer the questions I'll inevitably have to answer. Questions I likely will already be at a disadvantage in answering given my lack of knowledge in almost any practical area. The electrician will ask me things. I will endeavour to do my best to provide some form of coherent and informed answer. 

Which, on this little sleep, will likely amount to a few grunts and a clumsy hand wiping drool away from my mouth. 

I worked on the video all day. 

Scratch that. All night. Earlier today I went back over to the house to check up on it and grab some other necessities and ended up doing some writing. More dictation. More blog stuff, I think. We'll see. 

It's hard to stay mad at my house, though it does rankle the nerves at times. I do love how quiet it is over there. Especially when it's just me. No TV on. Some music occasionally, depending on the type of work I'm doing. And woods and water. 

I'm hoping the electrician will have something good to say tomorrow. Something to the affect of: "Yeah man, you just flick this switch. The one marked "house autopilot". And you're good. Never have to worry about another thing for the rest of your life."

Shit. That would be great. 

Come on science! It's been over four months since I last called you out on your inability to fix every conceivable problem in our lives. Honestly, quit lolly gagging about and make our houses take care of us. That company Nest seems on the verge of doing that actually. If you don't know them check them out. Good interview of the CEO on Charlie Rose. Former CEO maybe. I think they sold it to Google.  

Wow, despite the zone I'm in right now the acting on the TV right now was so bad it actually drew my attention toward it. Kind of like what would happen were one to drive past a car accident. Very similar. Jeannette, it seems, will watch absolutely anything that has anything to do with Christmas. My mother is the same. 

So there's been a lot of Hallmark moments in the house the last few days. 

It's a bad one, this one. 

Blaze is currently passed out on the couch next to me. Jeannette in the chair.

Man, my whole brain goes into editing once I'm in that mode. Everyone drops unconscious around me as I tap and type on. See, this is why I need to hire someone. "I need you to do this and make it look like that." Bam! Done. ...bloody hell. It's just so time consuming. But I do enjoy it. I like how the projects evolve. 

The #silentprotest has really taken on a whole new life since I had the idea last week. The work is a lot though... I'd forgotten how time consuming it is. The Photoshop and the iMovie... oh how I miss my Final Cut software! And my green screen. 

Oh, I watched the Fifth Estate tonight! They did the Fall of Jian Ghomeshi. I'm not sure if that's how you spell his name but it's late and I'm tired and he punched a bunch of women... allegedly. Or, perhaps not allegedly, at this point. Considering there's enough evidence to fire him over, and for him to withdrawal his suit, and all the other evidence. 

First of all ~and there may not be a second of all depending on time~ the Fifth Estate kicks ass. The executive producer of CBC radio looked about as bumbling as a human being can be when clearly not being truthful. The reporter, Gillian Findlay, was fantastic. Her even toned grilling of Boyce was penetrating. She had him squirming in his chair. Interesting to see what comes of it. 

I've been watching the show more and more and have really enjoyed their reporting. It feels like people who actually give a shit about the truth and let the stories speak for themselves. There's makeup... but not too much. 

Oh, I have a 'secondly'! Secondly, I love how the world we live in now allows for more and more of this kind of behaviour to come to light. Whether it's football players punching their wives in elevators or a powerful media figure assaulting women, with all the gadgets and cameras everywhere there's fewer and fewer places for these types of individuals to hide.

Ah, science. I suppose in the end you manage to satisfy me far more than you annoy. 

It's great that no one person is in charge of progress, isn't it?

Nite munks.