Day 0261 #SilentProtest #TechnicalDelay


Well our episodes aired tonight. Two of them. Wham bam. Thank you ma'am.

Package Deal Episodes 10&11 are done and uploaded to the masses.. however-many of them managed to stumble upon the show and caught them both -quite serendipitously- tonight. 

My only hope is that the numbers went up from 10 to 11. That would be a great sign that we're heading in the right direction despite every other indication we might be in trouble.  


And by "indication" I mean the continued radio silence from almost everyne involved. 

My delays today were mostly technical but also there was fatigue involved and many, many activities.  

We were at my parents, if you keep up with the blog. Stayed the night, due to the storm. Which turned out to have no balls at all! Suck it storm!  

I can say that because it's in the past and can no longer hurt me. Also because I wrote it out and Mother Nature is illiterate.  

But she can hear you.  

Oh.. she can hear.  


I watched the kid today with my mother while Jeannette got a bit of sleep. Then went and played hockey with my father. It reminded me that my organism is quickly getting out of an acceptable physical shape. 

And yet here I lay, eating sunflower seeds and drinking coke. Shameful. 

I can still climb a tree, no worries there. And skate. Still got mad wheels out there on the ice.. even though I was younger than everyone by a couple of decades. But I should really start to begin the process of thinking about getting around to doing some light physical fitness and moderate eating very very soon. 

Hockey was a good step in the right direction. I also shot a lot of footage today. As part of the #silentprotest but not enough and not early.

I'll continue to work at it and mess around until I lock it in. I think it'll be funny enough to be worth the effort but if not, it'll at least be watchable. I promise you all that. 

I used to have all the equipment you'd need for what I'm trying to do. But alas, it's mostly in a classroom somewhere with the really cool teacher I sold it to. This is why I need a couple people to do the technical stuff.  

All in time.  

I haven't worked much on the book or PAO the last couple of days. It feels like we've been pretty busy with the mouth breather over here. And the storm. Ahh the storm. 

It's all good though guys.  

Wow, I'm shutting down over here. That always happens when I play hockey after a long time on the shelf. The second I lay down I start falling asleep immediately. 

Given the amount of time I worked on the video today I feel pretty satisfied with this as an entry.

And with that I bid you adieu. 

Note: went to bed without publishing. Now 5:22 and Jeannette is feeding Blaze. Yikes.