Day 0243 "Daily Randomness"

It was a day of visits. 

We had my grandfather and his girlfriend over this afternoon. Well... girlfriend, companion, dance partner, I'm not sure what vocabulary they like to use but they're together all the time and he gets worked up when she's not around. So I don't know, you do the math.  

She held Blaze the entire time. Literally. They walked in the door and Jeannette handed him over and that was it. As per usual whenever he's in the arms of company he's incredibly well behaved and pretty much just sleeps the whole time. 

Then my niece stopped by with her boyfriend and Blaze proceeded to puke all over her while she was feeding him. It was pretty hilarious. Projectile puked. Launched a stream of formulated goodness all over her sweatshirt. 

And now we're sitting here watching Dancing with the Stars. Jeannette's choice.

I can't get behind this one. The other dance show is cool; So you think you can dance. I can get behind that one. But a show where former stars stumble around the stage with dancers who constantly try to act is a little painful.  

Also the judges are somewhat ridiculous. And the host Erin Andrews seems a bit out of her element. She drives Jeannette positively crazy. 

I'm really just biding my time until I can break out the guitar and continue to shred.

And by shred I mean struggle. 

I probably should have cracked it out this morning when I snuck out of bed like a ninja in an attempt to have a coffee and watch the news before responsibility woke up and needed a feeding. 

I managed to get about an hour to myself before the roof blew off and little Blaze entered the world of the awakened. 

Oh, and I think we figured out why he exploded last night to the degree that he did. At 4 this morning when I was sent down to get a bottle ready I was asked upn my return if I'd shaken it. 

You see we switched from the 'ready to feed', where you can just pop the cap off and shove it in his mouth, to a concentrated mix that you add water to. Obviously you have to SHAKE IT well in order to make sure the consistency is right.  

Which I forgot to do last night. 

So daddy was a bit of an ass last night but definitely learned his lesson. I went and bought a paint can shaker to make sure that didn't happen again.

I'm kidding of course, but perhaps that's not a bad idea..

..This dance show is so dramatic. I'm getting nauseous. 

I got no work done today. Or much done yesterday either. I'm not too upset about it really, considering the fact that nothing can be done. I'm making a conscious effort to not get too worked up about my work schedule.  

Speaking of work, Package Deal is on right now. Jeannette's switching it over while the terrible dancing show is on commercial. It's the one where Danny gets sick and Kim and Ryan fight over him while Sheldon and Nikki run the tea shop. Very fun episode to shoot. 

FX seems to be showing the show a lot which should help draw eyes.  

Okay, I have to go start shaking a bottle now. He's not due to eat for another two hours or so but I want to get started early so I can make up for last night! 

Nite Munks