Day 0274 #Twitter


01:57 #flabergasted

Oh you should have seen it guys, or read it, or even heard it I suppose, if you'd been here.

A dictation of tonight's blog whilst outside in the rainstorm with a constipated Hubble roaming around smelling wetness. All that and the full intention of putting on the headphones and typing it out afterwards as tonight's entry.  

And it was a good one.

Well, a long one, for sure. I can say that for certain. I believe I talked for just over ten minutes. Regaling you, my loyal readers, with all the reasons I took to Twitter tonight with an unusual burst of gusto considering my prior record of silence and blog postings.


And if I know my manner of speaking as well as I think I do, that ten minutes of regaling would have worked out to roughly 1600 words, give or take. Which is around four pages of prose in the commonly accepted style. Or, you know.. a lot of tweets.

...140 characters apparently. Not words. Which means I wasn't done my blog tonight in only 6 tweets as I had hoped.

Balls I say!

So when speaking in long form, which I'll call collected reflection; of a day or a task or anything else you've put some thought into and write cleanly about, it's best to use something like a blog. 

A place where people who give a shit about more than just what you can produce for them, can come and check in on how you're doing day to day.  

Trust me, mostly no one cares once you start tapping away anyway. They look to see how long you'll last, if you're talking about them in any way, and then they move on.

You're not as gossiped about as you might think! 

So I recommend the #blog as a frequent action in life. 

But I've strayed!,..

So I'd recorded a rather excited Twitter rant but then forgot my computer so there was to be no typing out of anything at all and I was somewhat crestfallen.. Which to my knowledge is not a word I've ever used before.

And anyway, excited as I am about finally having figured out Twitter, daddy ain't thumbing no ten minutes of fast talking dictation with the sound of rain in the background and my dog struggling to take a shit.  

And so all I can tell you, at this point in the story / entry / night is that I will likely be tweeting a lot more if you're an individual who happens to care. I judge you neither way.

Not sure how it'll play out, I'm as much an audience member as anyone it seems, but it'll likely be me yapping away on pretty much any topic I happen to be thinking about or passively involved in at the time.  

Not polished.

Not thought hard on and edited.

Just idle chatter about whatever I'm doing or thinking or happens to be going on in the world at any moment I'm not needed, working or being screamed at by a baby. ~he was actually much better today thank you for asking~

All that being said, I may be more active at a place called as narrator; @JayMalone which is a name I'll keep using as it's still my name on the ol' tele and has been for 14 years anyway. 

Also, I paid a kid named Jay Malone who lives in the US $50 bones to get it so I'd like to put it to good use. Savvy? 

Not funny man comedian guy JayMalone all the time either. Though don't think I won't occasionally hit you with some ridiculousness as well.

That, by the way, is where I got hung up on with Twitter. The idea of presenting a polished entertainer-self never appealed to me. But a raw honest commentary on a life unfolding day to day??.. more interesting. 

Why not? That's where the tech is taking us all anyway, obviously. And where my work happens to be taking me. I have a green screen. I have a phone connected to the world.

We both do, in fact, you and I.

So why not get in there and throw some paint on the wall? 

0237. mp