DailyBlog 299 "New Year Winter Pilgrimage"

000104.2348 #path900

000104.2348 #path900

I'm currently thumbing this entry.. with only one thumb! Jeannette isn't feeling well so she's gone up to bed to get some sleep.  

She's nauseous again.  

Uh oh.  

Hard to say if she's just under the weather or if there's another bun in the proverbial oven. That would be great of course, I speak of another baby, mind you, not an illness. 

We'd have our hands full, no question. As I do right now... with Blaze. But I'm sure we can handle it.

This is the first time I've ever had to punch out an entry with just the one thumb though.

It's not easy.  


Okay, I've managed to reposition us giving me access to my other thumb. We're now upstairs in bed. I managed to get us settled without waking him up, and sadly now that we're finally squared away, I hear what appears to be a radio playing somewhere.  

I think.  

Or I'm hearing muffled voices from downstairs beneath me in the garage. That's a little unlikely given the fact everyone is in bed and the dogs only use post it notes when communicating to each other at night... so I'm guessing there's a small radio somewhere in here.  

Not that I can do much about it with the kid on me. So balls for me then. 

We're out here again tonight so it's another night without being able to get him into a good sleep routine. No cribs out here. And now his mom is sick.  

So he's crashing with dad tonight. On my chest. For as long as he sleeps. Then I'll have to go get him a bottle.  

It's looking like a rather grim night priminions. I can't imagine I'll sleep much at all. Every time he squirms I'll be up and ready to do whatever I can to settle him. Grim.  

For now he seems quite comfortable and quite thoroughly asleep. Which is a good thing. This kid doesn't like sleeping so whenever he's out, especially when it's late like this, I like to do whatever it takes to keep him there. 

Which means I may he falling asleep to the muffled sounds of the rain and a mysterious radio. Pretty sure it's a radio now, in fact, given the music that just played.  

We all woke up pretty late today after gorging on Game of Thrones last night. We watched the last two episodes this afternoon and are now all caught up. Phenomenal series. As I knew it would be.  

After that I packed up the car and went to check on the house. It was a messy drive over as we're dealing with some freezing rain and wet snow covered roads.  

When I got there the house was still pretty cold so I turned the heat up some more and then bundled up for a trip down to the water for some more work.  

I strapped the GoPro to my head and counted out my steps all the way down to the ocean. 900 steps put me right in front of the water. Every 100 paces I would stop and do a 360 degree panoramic shot with the camera to keep track of the path. 

Couldn't tell you why I feel that's important to do but I'm sure it'll relate to shooting or at the very least the PAO.

As what light that was left at that time of the day began to dim I set out to start work on my video pitches for this undertaking I now seem full speed ahead on. it's all early stages yet but things are looking good already and I'm quite excited to get going. 

Tomorrow we have designs on moving back into the house but as always we'll have to wait and see. If Jeannette isn't feeling any better we may stay out another night. It's also the gold medal game of the World Juniors and I know my dad will be watching. So we'll see. 

I brought some work here anyway. I have the green screen and may set out tomorrow to get some materials so I can start shooting and messing around with editing.  

That's it kids. That was the day in a nutshell. Hopefully you all had a good final weekend before everything goes back to normal.