Daily Blog 421: Tim Hortons Circuit


It's only 9:23 and I'm now sitting down to churn this thing out, a small victory I think, given my usual late night blogging antics. We just put Blaze to bed, and by we I mean Jeannette, and by Blaze, I mean both of them. She's still sleeping with him through the night; a cardinal sin, I'm told,.. and yet here we are. Things will change when the next baby comes. I'm sure we'll pay for our bad habit then, when Blaze is forced to go back to sleeping on his own.

But then, is not now, and now, at least, we're sleeping. 

We're all feeling much better today, thanks for asking. It wasn't a fantastic start to the day, after Blazer's eyes snapped open at 6:30 and he was ready for action. Neither Jeannette nor myself were 'ready for action' at that hour; her for reasons of pregnancy and fighting off a bacterial infestation, and me because I stayed up much too late mapping my brain in a notebook...and fighting bacterial infection. She got him a bottle and tried to hypnotize him into more sleep but her powers were no match for his desire to live life. 

Being the hero I am.. and after listening to him cry for 20 minutes, and Jeannette's utterly ineffectual strategy of mumbling, "just go back to sleep bud," over and over again as he clawed at her face.. I finally snapped out of bed at around 8, swept him up out of her arms and brought him downstairs. I had a plan of course and immediately placed him in his exersaucer, a usual early start ritual that has him burning off some of that early morning energy while we fix him his food.

The saucer, however, did not please him. The whining continued. 

Tired as I was, and hungry as I always am upon waking up, I sat and listened to it for about five seconds before realizing the cold hard reality of my predicament. I had neither the desire to cook my own breakfast, the energy to give him what he was looking for stimulation-wise, nor the patience to listen to the whining, so I threw a coat on him, stuffed him in his car seat, and drove us both to Tim Hortons to get coffee and some food. Of course, we're in the middle of nowhere, so going to Tim Hortons takes about 20 minutes. It takes an additional 10-15 minutes after you wait in the drive-thru at the first Tim Horton's only to have them tell you that particular kiosk doesn't sell breakfast food. 

So I got coffee at one Tim Horton's and then drove the 10 minutes further to get food at the other one to purchase an order that was wrong for a record millionth time in a row. Because this is Nova Scotia and that's how things are currently working here. 

Blaze slept pretty much the entire way, which was all part of my evil plan. The other part was apparently neglecting to bring any of his baby stuff whatsoever; I forgot his bag, diapers, and anything else one might need when taking a baby out in public. I was sufficiently mocked for this by Jeannette for the majority of today.. to which I reply: poppycock. It was a quick trip. So what if he DID shit his pants, can it not wait until we get back?? He's not bothered by it at all so why should it bother me. If the stench gets too bad and open all the windows.

Honestly, what kind of a poo emergency would it take for me to have to STOP THE VAN AND GET OUT. I can't imagine it. It'd have to be a projectile fountain type situation. The chances of that happening are astronomically slim. 

When we got back Jeannette was up and we all had breakfast and hung out for a while, then he started rubbing his eyes so she took him up to nap while I went out to work. That's the thing about babies that's pretty sweet if you can get into the routine, the naps. Jeannette tries to just sleep with him when he goes down, because she needs her rest too. It then gives me a chance to get some work done anyway, which I did, by going out into the woods and clearing a bit of the lot. Nothing major, just snapped some dead branches off and pulled out some rotted wood; you know, just enough activity to potentially wrench my neck out of place again. 

I also got a lot of good work done on the playing cards. This is day two of my attempt to memorize entire decks of shuffled cards, and it went pretty well. I'm still in the process of organizing the cards in a way that I can lock in, then I have to associate people to each of them, and finally map out some 'journey's' in my head -each one having 52 separate stages- where I would then place the images as I look at each card. Again, not a practical technique at first glance, seems kind of pointless really, but then so does shooting a rubber puck into a home made net in your driveway for three hours a day all through high school. And yet if you ask around you'll find one salient Canadian fact: chicks dig hockey players. 

The point is this: when in dogged pursuit of your passion, there is no such thing as wasted time.

Speaking of which, it's now time I get back to said work, while the demon is sleeping...
and Blaze too. Nite munks.