Daily Blog 0289 #LebaneseChristmas

122625. #ComedyBaptism

122625. #ComedyBaptism

2240. Merry Christmas. 

I say that quite happily knowing that mine is not the kind of audience who would be offended by one person using the words they grew up with to celebrate a holiday they love with anyone else who has an affinity for this particular day on the calendar.  

If you don't happen to celebrate Christmas, no worries! I do. And did. Today. And it was great.  

We saw a LOT of family. First we went to Jeannette's fathers side of the clan where I met a whole pile of new people. And because I'm rather proud of my burgeoning memory techniques I will now attempt to rattle off the names I recall after having only been introduced them all the one time. If I miss any and they read this... well, what can I say, it's a process..


Virginia, Jeannette, Denise, Joe, Tom, Sarah, Johnny, Shawna, Ben, Abraham, Odette, Jada, Annie, George, Lydia, ... and their two kids, that I saw on the way out but didn't technically meet. Not to mention the people that were there that I already know. 

So not bad all around if I do say so myself. Unless I read this to J later and it turns out I got it all wrong. 

Also, I was only chastised for not having had Blaze baptized once, though I didn't have a chance to fully engage in the topic. Not the time or the place, I decided, but I did mention that perhaps that would be between Jeannette, myself and g0d, which I thought would perhaps win me a point.

It did not. 

The topic of marriage also came up as well a couple of times. But all in good fun. And nobody got shot or punched. So that's a win for sure. 

Jeannette's two cousins are heavy into comedy so we had that to talk about which I.. mostly enjoy. Although I will say it's a world I feel very far removed from these days.

In a good way.

Oh man, in a VERY good way. I truly don't miss the long nights spent hanging out at comedy clubs suffering in front of shit crowds or even worse, terrible comics, as I waited for my turn. Not in the least. I guess I proved to myself whatever I needed to prove. And thank dear sweet baby Jesus for that. 

I'll give a special shout out to Odette, a younger cousin of Jeannette's whom I've been told reads the blog pretty consistently. She's taking some time off school and moving to Toronto soon but also has an open invitation to come hang out at our place in Nova Scotia any time she'd like to come visit.  

When I told her mother I did the same thing she said, "yeah but you got your degree."  

"Nope. And I did pretty well." 

"Yeah," she said... "But you got lucky." 

Oh snap!! Lucky! That got the juices flowing momentarily.

The visit was short but we got to see Jeannette's dad, who in turn got to see his new grandson and as I said, I got to meet a whole pile of new family. They were a great group with a lot of personality that had me feeling at times like I'd just been transported into the Lebanese version of my Big Fat Greek Wedding. 

Honestly, a few of her relatives wouldn't even need any writing before being put on the big screen. Just point a camera and roll. Comedy gold. I shit you not. 

After that we went to Jeannette's sisters house for more food and gifting. Blaze loaded up this Christmas. Lots of clothes, which he needs, and some other good stuff.

It was a little tough for anyone shopping for him because they had to keep in mind we are flying back and thus have limitations on what we can bring on the plane. 

Which... didn't stop Jeannette's mom from getting him a gigantic fisher price farm set. Honestly, I think the box is bigger than my suitcase. She put it in my lap to open and both Jeannette and I said at the same time, "um... how are we going to take this home??" And then she laughed and said she'd totally forgotten about that when she bought it.  

No matter. We're getting that farm set on the plane come hell or high water. It's kick ass and I can't speak for Blaze but I'll have a ton of fun playing with it.  

We had a good time at dinner but Jeannette was so tired she got nauseous so she went in and laid down while I stayed out with the family and listened to all the speculation that she might be pregnant again. 

Look, mommy and daddy haven't had a lot of time to themselves the last few months, but given how enamoured they are with each other and the lengths they'll go to in order to "get the job done" so to speak... such a possibility isn't technically out of the question...

But I think it highly improbable.  

Nevertheless, if she came and told me tomorrow that we've got another one loaded in the chamber and headed down the barrel I wouldn't be upset at all. In fact now that Blaze is starting to settle down a bit and we're getting him sorted out we've even managed to convince ourselves that we could handle another one. 

Ha! Isn't evolution fun!

The genetically motivated reproductive force is SO strong that despite having documented all of our struggles -DAILY!!- we're back to talking about having more. And soon. 


And yet here we are... 

Tomorrow we have a total of nothing lined up and will just take the day to pack and chill with the kid. He's been coughing a bit which I'm a little concerned with given the fact that a congested baby on a flight might prove to be a rather ear splitting affair.

It's tough enough to deal with the altitude shift when you're feeling good. But when you've got a cold it's a nightmare. And it's not like he's going to chew gum or just grin and bear it. 

But I won't worry about that now, staying in the moment as I am diligently trying to do. It's just like the flight here. I was terrified that he'd open those pipes and scream bloody murder all the way here and got all worked up about it... and he was totally fine. Slept on my chest the whole way.  

So that's nearly it for the great Christmas baby adventure. I think we did a pretty solid job all things considered. Blaze was a big hit with the family, despite being an unbaptised demon spawn, and both Jeannette and I managed to have a good time in the meantime. 

Hopefully you all had an enjoyable Christmas as well and got to spend it with family, or friends, of someone who fed you a lot of great food. And for those of you who didn't, keep your chin up, there's always next year.  

Nite munks\mp