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5022O #Terrible Parents #TheWeening

5022O #Terrible Parents #TheWeening

Well, it's 6pm and I'm getting this thing done now. It's not the am hours I was hoping for but considering I have friends coming over tonight I'm at least pleased that I got this done before that. We will be relaxing and watching garbage on television, I will of course pitch them the idea for the company, and the roles I'd love for them to play! but otherwise, we're just going to chill. High school friends. Have only seen them a few times since then. Should be fun. 

Jeannette and I are diligently trying to set up a schedule, both for us and for the well being of the Blaze, during both day light hours and at night. Mostly, the issues rise up in the morning when we get up and at night when we try to go to sleep. Funny, I just watched an interview with the creator of the sleep analyzer "hello" who was saying how sleep itself is one of the most overlooked and important areas of our lives, the foundation of every single day we live. It's very important we get this schedule sorted out and get on a better routine. 

This isn't going to be easy, as neither of us have ever really stuck to a schedule before, perhaps in life, and will likely struggle for the supposed one week it takes to get the kid firing on all cylinders. I suppose I can only speak for myself on that score, as I've only known Jeannette for a couple of years, but she doesn't strike me as the type its great with routines, no offense intended, so I'm sure she'll have as tough a time as I. We're performers. We thrive in the villainous hours. 

It's just time to figure this out. We've got to get this kid whipped into shape, we've got to get ourselves whipped into shape, and to be honest I'm not very happy with Hubble's performance during all of this; there's just a lot of things we have to set right. It's been nearly 5 months, there's no reason we should expect to be experts by now, but we need to be a bit more in control of our situation than we are at present. After playing hockey for 5 months I might not have been a superstar, or scored any goals, or could necessarily skate very well, but I at least knew how to put all my equipment on and could get to the arena on time.

We just attempted writing the first schedule out but we got interrupted by all the things we have to do in order to be ready for tonight, I speak mostly of cleaning, but also making sure Blaze's bath stuff and all his do-dads are where they need to be. Jeannette is doing me a solid tonight, but then tomorrow night daddy will be the one to get him to sleep and listen to him cry for the next week at least. After that, I'm hoping to get on my own am schedule and get back to work. 

It's not the greatest scheduled for an entire day, nor is it a complete or even thorough one, but it's what we've got right now, as I sit down to write this, and it'll get sorted out further as we go. Keep in mind we are too nearly zombified human beings stuck in the woods in a house encased in snow burning wet wood after having barely survived the life events that got us to today. We're not doing too bad. 

The nights are what will prove the most difficult, as those are the times when we have the least amount of energy and also when Blaze is at his fussiest and most in need of the comforting he can't yet do for himself... because his parents are a couple of boneheads and didn't read all the books. We still have no real strategy, though we know what we're supposed to do, and more importantly what we're not supposed to do, which we will endeavor to follow to the best of our abilities. Basically we just have to let him explode, which is a very difficult thing when you love a little organism so much, and hate to see him cry.

From what I gather what medical science and people who are considered to be "in the know" will tell you is that you have to become a sociopath. Simple as that. You have to be able to stand outside the room staring at the white paint on the door while the thing you love most in the world cries itself to sleep. And you have to do this while keeping firmly in mind that if you don't, and you continue to comfort  that when they get older they don't become codependent, people-pleasing alcoholics who suffer from insomnia and work nights at a 7/11 because the flickering fluorescent lights keep them distracted by how uncomfortable they are. You do what you can as a parent. Which is what I will do this week. 

The great child weening experiment. No caving! Begin tomorrow! 

Nite munks.