524: Trouble with Heat


10:22am. Stylus.

It's going to be hot today; quite possibly too hot to breathe. As a result I have no plans to leave the mountain, preferring as I do, the ability to suck oxygen into my lungs without it feeling like a a gas cloud of kerosene.

Call me old fashioned.

Blaze is likely sitting in the waiting room of our doctors office with Jeannette and Amy right now. It's just a checkup, recommended by the nurse we spoke to last night. His temp hit 39.7 yesterday. 40.3 is when they say you should get them to a hospital. So it was a bit touch and go for a while.

He was much better night last night. I put him to bed at around IOPM. We kept him pretty much nude, save the diaper, in an attempt to keep the temperature under control. Jeannette then went to bed telling me to check on him when I went to bed. 

About two hours later, after I shut it all down, I found him laying asleep in his crib feeling a bit cool so I put a blanket on him and went to bed.

Fast forward 2 hours and he was an inferno again. I'm an idiot!

We went back in and gave him some advil -Dr. recommended- and then Jeannette forcefully informed me that she would be bringing him into bed with us; her tone not leaving any room for discussion. Having essentially tucked him in to what amounted to a blast furnace l was in no position to argue. l also didn't feel like getting punched in the face by a pregnant woman at 2 in the morning.

Once he got into bed with us he was much better and slept well till we got up this morning.  

So the heat will be oppressive today, is already getting unruly, and Blaze is fighting a fever. Heat seems to be the theme of the day.

Now that I've got this entry done, and early! I'll spend the rest of the day working. Oh, and I will also be looking into classes at the gym we signed up for a few months ago. Amy has shown an interest, having done cross-fit before working with us, and for my part if I don't get active with something soon I'm going to have to wear a girdle to keep my belly under control.

Note: not sure if girdle is the article of clothing I was looking for there.  Codpiece? 

Okay, 10:47, off I go to get something done. lt's a little unnerving, the fact I'm already sweating... and I'm still in the basement, where it's cold all the time!