Day 494: Buddee Witchcraft


Just as I thought: no internet. 

I should have known, considering the fact it’s been raining all night. Any precipitation whatsoever renders our internet utterly balls, making it a lot like drivers in Los Angeles when it rains. Oh yeah, it’s bad there. People get so used to driving in perfect weather all the time that whenever anything does fall they flip out and smash into each other. I made it a point to not even go anywhere if anything at all was falling from the sky. So now it’s our online connection that’s sporadic and dangerously lethargic in the rain. 

It seems there is no geographical escape from such frustrations, they merely manifest in different ways. 

Perhaps by the time I’m finished writing this there will be a break in the clouds and I’ll be able to post it. I doubt it of course, as I don’t have that much faith in the system, but it doesn’t hurt to be positive. 

The back is a lot better today thanks for asking. I still didn’t push it much, though I did do some white board work; nothing too strenuous, it’s just a lot of time spent with my arm in the air and my neck cranked up and down. Again, I didn’t step out of line too much with it, and certainly don’t feel like I’ve taken any steps backwards since I got it treated a few days ago. There’s still the threat of a full system wide failure in there, lurking, like a creepy stalker somewhere around my 6th vertebrae, so I want to do everything I can to keep this whole affair headed in the proper direction; which is on the straight road to recovery and restrengthening. 

Blaze seemed to take a page out of the internet’s book today and was out of service a lot. He had a three hour nap this afternoon, then slept for another hour in his car seat on the table after they arrived home from errands this evening. Must be the rain. Or perhaps we just bore the shit out of him. Hard to say with that one. He seems quite enamoured with Amy, his babysitter, and now gets very upset whenever she has the audacity to get up and leave the room for anything at all. 

Although, to be fair, he seems to get upset whenever any pretty girls leave the room. He’s a bit of a flirt too, this kid. Today while they were standing in line at M&M Meats a woman walked past Jeannette and Blaze to join her husband in front of them and he just reached out and stroked her arm. Two seconds later he was being showered with all the attention he was looking for. Crafty bugger. It won’t be long now before he’s crawling under the table rubbing panty hose like his dad.

They went to the zoo yesterday as well, something I neglected to mention in the entry. It was Blaze’s first time around other monkeys like him. From what I hear he was pretty quite the whole time and just stared all around from the safety and comfort of his stroller, perhaps jealous of how acrobatic even the little ones are. It’ll be fun to take him when he gets a bit older, when I can make up all kinds of stuff about each animal and he’ll buy it all hook line and sinker on account of how much he’ll trust me… haha, sucker. 

While they were napping today I watched a really interesting documentary on Netflix. It was about one of the maximum security penitentiary’s in Alabama and how they’d brought in a Vapassana Meditation program for any inmates who were interested. This is a very strict meditation program that immediately interested me, with 10 days of a stringent routine set up by the instructors. First of all, there’s no speaking allowed between practitioners for the entire 10 days. You might think that would be difficult for me, mouthy as I am, but I would love to do something like that. I’ve already asked Jeannette to give me the green light to give it a try; likely once baby number two drops and gets settled in. 

The program did wonders for the inmates, the documentary following it all from the first time the instructors walk through the doors, and follows up with them all over the span of seven or eight years. It was incredible to see what the experience did for those men, hardened criminals all of them. That’s the thing about this particular approach to the self -a practice taught by the Buddha I should mention- it strips away all the places we hide in order to escape looking at who and what we really are. When there’s no talking, no distractions of any kind, no thoughts at all once you reach that targeted place of awareness, there’s nothing left but simply existence in the moment and an all encompassing calm that becomes intoxicating itself. 

Or, in the case of these men, a lot of guilt and remorse that hadn’t yet been dealt with. 

I wouldn’t know about the all encompassing calm. My practice isn’t there yet. 

But what a difference for the prisoners! They even formed a group and kept up with their meditation practice well after the instructors had gone; until the chapel minster got jealous of the number of men joining the group and made a call to the governor, who then called the warden, and the meditation group was disbanded and meditation itself was prohibited. 

As one lady living in the area put it, “No need for no Buddhee around here. I’m fully against witchcraft myself.” 

We’ve come so far as a species….

I’ve made great strides myself in letting go of this idea of the self, of existing in the now and being more aware. Mindfulness as a term has been somewhat abused of late, but for me just trying to be present and not slide into the well worn pattern of getting caught up in future|past thinking has been very helpful in calming my own mind down; and by extension, my body. The yoga is calling to me though, it never leaves me alone for too long. Yoga and mediation are the two practices I’ll be diving head first into once I get this memory stuff squared away. 

I dove into the playing cards tonight. Shouldn’t be too long now!

Just checked, still no internet. 

I’ll post tomorrow. 

Have a good night munks.