Day 128 "Electri-Fried"


The baby is currently kicking the shit out of Jeannette on the couch. She packs quite a wallop this one. Not surprising I suppose, given her mom. 

I still don't know she's a she, of course, but the universe seems to be swaying to my side. And by universe I mean anyone who's recently taken a guess. Jeannette, in fact, is no longer convinced he's a he. 

We're watching Love It Or List It. And just got through watching Hell's Kitchen. It was a less than productive day. I wrote a few pages but mostly we just whittled away the time watching other people do things on TV. It was rainy again. It's been a dreary last few days. 

I have a lawn to mow, people!!

We got some more bad news as well today. The appliance guy came by, there were two of them actually.. And told us that our microwave and oven are fried. He called for the part and finally tracked one down in Victoria, BC. 

It was the last one available in North America and they weren't making any more. So that was news.. Jeannette did want a new kitchen but we were hoping to not have to do it for a while. Insurance might cover it. We'll see. 

Wow, I'm thumbing it tonight and using a new word count app. Turns out I don't type particularly fast with just my opposables. Evolution gave us fingers for a reason Apple. Thanks. But keep trying. 

248 words and I'm struggling. We'll see which comes first. The 800 or the 30 minutes. I'm guessing it'll be the 30 minutes. But let's get on with it, shall we?

My site was broken the last couple of days. Let's just go ahead and admit to that now. I will also admit to knowing there was an issue, and also knowing how to fix it, but not getting around to doing it right away. 

My bad. 

But we're not Facebook over here in the jungle just yet ladies and gentlemen. So there's no need to be up and functional at all costs. I write at all costs, but I post and make them available when time and Jeannette allow. Thankfully problems like that don't crop up often and there were other links to the posts as I was positing. But I will endeavour to be more diligent in the future!

I'm sure I'll have loads more time to work on the DB once the baby comes. Generally kids give you more time to get into personal hobbies and things like that. Right?? Anyone?? Is this thing on??

My nephew went home early, taking my headphones with him. I'm not calling the cops on him this time, as I'll accept his excuse that he just "forgot he had them". But let this mention in the blog be a warning shot over his bow! ( If that's where warning shots were generally aimed. My friend Nelson would know that )

Jeannette is missing him. He was going to accompany her on some errands tomorrow allowing me to work. But that's off the table. So I'll be inserted into the schedule. We have more to do this weekend as well which will make finishing up the chapter a little difficult. All good family stuff of course, so that's at least worth it. 

We were both just a little bummed out today. Probably the rain. Also the fact we have a bunch of blown appliances and systems from the storm. Hopefully we'll get some sun tomorrow. 

And an insurance adjuster in a really good mood.