Day 86

No picture at the top, I know. 

It's such a let down when you click to the page, I know, I know. Just a banner and some words written down rather hastily because the writer of them is tired and wants to sleep. For how many nights in a row now? Who can say? ..well, I suppose I could if I were to glance. But this isn't that kind of entry. No one is spell checking this baby. Not at my current energy levels. 

The guy who shovels the coal into my furnace is currently laying in a fetal position in front of the dying fire, sucking his thumb and dreaming about the days when we were all bundled up nice and tightly and maybe breast feeding. The good old days, when the world pampered you. 

As you can see, I at the very least got my internet working. A small feat in the life of a man, a large feat in this moment of life. So for that I am grateful for my opposable thumbs, and my ability to realize the old lap top of Jeannette's that I found will also have an Ethernet connection which will in turn allow me to connect to the internet by pulling it down through the Ether. 

*I'm not sure that's how the process works, and I'm pretty sure the actual ether was proposed a long time ago as the substance light travels through in space, and then disproven by some experiment or other, until some other version of the ether has been found but is called something else. Quantum foam, perhaps. 

Who can say? 

The point is, I am sitting in my own living room, with the window open and the rain flooding my backyard and hopefully drowning all the black flies and ticks ( but in reality, nourishing them and feeding their biting, Lyme disease spreading ways ). My own house, now fully connected to the internet. We had TV, which isn't really the same feeling of connection as the online world is. Perhaps because it's more glamorized. It's been run through a rather stringent layer of do's and don't's that has it feeling mostly packaged and un-real by the time it's consumed. 

Like a torn open package of processed meat. 

But the internet.. ah, the internet is the pulsating heart of the beast, that is unfiltered and very real. This all depends on where you go of course, but I guarantee you're more likely to see a real representation of the world online, while and when it's happening, than from television. Twitter is just the beginning of what's coming in terms of 'social media'. But even Twitter is bringing events to you as they're happening in a way that the television media doesn't. And for that I am happy to have it. 

I try to keep the surfing down to a minimum these days. But I certainly take advantage of the music and downloadable audio books. Also, obviously, the ability to blog and post copious amounts of writing for anyone and everyone to check out whenever they please. 

Well, that's a half hour of tired writing. I need to get on a better time schedule, for sure, and will be tomorrow as I have to take Jeannette in for blood work at 7am. It's now 2am. If I play it right it might be just the thing to get me on that time schedule I'm looking for. But it means tomorrow is going to be an uphill battle all the way.