Day 85

Internet woes and a road trip to nowhere.

We're at my parents place tonight for dinner and the hockey game. And the ability to dip my toe in the internet for a while.

We had it set up today mind you, a kid came by and installed it this morning. But for some reason they don't bring all the equipment you need. So I had to go out and get a router. Then the router didn't connect to my Mac air because it doesn't have a stupid Ethernet connection.

All kinds of technical issues over on the mountain guys. But I love it!

Hopefully I'll have it set up tonight. I have to borrow a computer from my mom and a drill for my dad (for the desk.. that's getting assembled!) and that, as they say, should be that. It'll be late, by the time I get to bed, as I still have an hour and a half of writing to go, but by tomorrow we should be good.

I took us for a bit of a detour today we were driving back from the mall, where we picked up the router, and I decided to try a new way home. I turned down a road I thought I knew.. And then 40 minutes later we were driving about 15km/h on what resembled a road in basic structure only.

There were only a few homes, or cabins perhaps, or who knows, they could have been hideaways for Eastern Canada's most wanted.

It was a true dead zone. Get a flat tire out there, which seemed not only likely but probable, and you're In a bit of trouble.

It'll be a long walk to the nearest dwelling. And who knows what kind of welcome you'd receive there.

We were about 25 minutes up the winding mountain trail, gently climbing one random cavernous hole in the rocky road or another, when we saw an old guy in a truck pulling into a driveway behind us.

I waved him down and got out of the truck and asked him if there was a road up ahead.

His reply: "what do you think you're on?"

I couldn't tell if he was being funny, or a bit of a dick. So I told him we were looking for Victoria Harbour and thought there was another intersecting road leading there. He said there was, further down the road. I thanked him and turned to go. He then said, "have a nice trip," which, given the rest of the trail, makes me think he was a bit of a dick.

In fact, if I'd chanced upon him again in that situation I probably would say something to the affect of: "No, I mean is there a real road up ahead, like, an actual road that more than 2% of motorized vehicles can travel on. Also, shave your beard. I know Duck Dynasty is very popular but so are ticks."

So we emerged from the "deep woods" relatively unscathed. No flat tires. No long walks for gas. Neither of us encountered a man with a banjo that required us to squeal like a piggy. Jeannette just shook her head at me as we found paved road again, and our house, about ten minutes later.

We heard owls last night while We stood outside the bedroom on the porch. Jeannette's favourite animal. Currently. It was giraffes for a while. Now everything is owls.

I never did ask her what the giraffes did to lose her favour. They're not likely to get it back now. I highly doubt there are any giraffes in our woods at all.

Tomorrow the blog will finally be written and posted in my very own house. I hope to give some FaceTime tours as well.

I'll leave it there for tonight. Have a good one guys.