Day 103


I think I stayed in all day.

That's how tired I am right now, I can't quite remember. Hell of a way to start a blog entry.. about your day. This will be a lot like reading the exploits of a blind man stumbling through a room pawing at the objects and trying to describe them to you. Unless, perhaps, I get a sudden second wind and the excitement of the day all comes flooding back to me.

I don't feel that's going to happen. 

So we will push on anyway and do our best, as always.

I've been toying around with the idea of creating a notetaking system based on the PAO list for helping me remember things I need to remember - and when I say "toying around" I mean "procrastinating" something I know I need to start doing. 

I was going to try to work on it while listening to some of the books I bought on audible. Take notes as I go and then work it into a system to remember it all. But then I thought, hey, I also have a new little human that I'll be completely in charge of, who is coming into the world very soon.

And a stack of baby books I've been told I should read.

Perhaps I should get that information into my skullmeat, el pronto. 

I'm not a big believer in reading all of the books out there mind you. However, I have a couple of very good resources on the topic who have recommended a couple in particular. So I sat down with one of them today, and started working on taking good notes, that I can remember easily.

Of course this all hinges on the fact that I finish my stupid PAO list. 

I'm holding off, for a few reasons, most of them having to do with having other priorities right now. But I'm also trying to work the calendar in there, and all kinds of other stuff that I feel has a chance of working together into a nice, neat, tidy little system that with some effort I can actually implement.

Hey, at least I'm not snorting coke off porcelain toilet seats in Vegas, and blowing all my money at the casino like some people do after booking a sitcom. So if I choose instead to live in the woods and be a little eccentric in the way I choose to write a series of books, big deal. 

Maybe if I dig my teeth into this memory stuff and come up with a legit system, I'll be able to write a book about that. Who can say?

I did get a lot done today, some of it my own choosing, most of it Jeannette's. Which I don't mind at all, she's a good master and leaves me to my own devices when my services are not required. 

I set up the printer today. It took me a few minutes to get the wireless connection sorted out, but I managed. Don't be jealous, but I could print this page from my basement to the guest room upstairs in a matter of seconds if I want to. 

Of course, I would run the risk of waking Jeannette up and then getting yelled at so I won't… but I could've, if I wanted to.. and didn't mind getting yelled at. Just so you are aware.

My parents came over for dinner tonight, which was kind of awesome. The first time I've had my parents over for dinner in my own house, so I was pretty happy about that. We watched the USA versus Portugal game. I should say my dad and I watched it, on opposite ends of the couch, as Jeannette and my mom talked for two straight hours in the middle.

That was the most dramatic end to a soccer game I've ever seen. Mind you, I haven't watched a lot of them. I'm not a huge fan, given the diving, but that game was pretty ridiculous. That would've been a major upset if the US had held off, though I don't think anyone expected the final result. According to what everyone who watches the sports says. Again, I have no idea.

That Rinaldo guy is a gazelle. I had no idea the human body could do that with a soccer ball, among other "supposed" professionals. He made them look like children at times. And that cross for the tying goal at the end was insanely accurate. Anyway, I enjoyed it. Even if I don't feel like making sure I spelled his name right, which I doubt I did.

 Tomorrow the rest of our furniture gets delivered and I'll spend a good part of the day writing while Jeannette goes shopping in the city with my parents. They apparently needed to go to the same store, so everyone wins. And by that I also mean me, who gets to stay home. Unless the furniture gets delivered before they leave, in which case… Well, we'll see.

If I have to go, I'm sure there's a bunch of shit I could get to spruce up the office a bit. Also, I've had a pretty good rest the last couple of days. Even if I still feel like garbage. No worse than yesterday, but not a lot better. Just the lack of energy more than anything else.

Well I think that's about it. I've taken up enough of your time with my nonsense and have spent enough time on this thing before feeling like I can go to bed, so I'll end it there.

If Randal reads this entry I want to wish him a great trip with his girlfriend Shelly. I believe, they are going to an elephant rescue type place in Indonesia somewhere. I don't know, I barely listen to him when were doing a scene together, I'm supposed to remember what he tells me all were eating lunch on some random day two months ago. [Actually, he told me on the phone again just the other day… But I don't think I'm that far off where he's actually going]

 Have a great trip and don't catch any tapeworms. 

I want no part of the season three where the only story line we can use for Danny is when he quits law and becomes a runway model all because you ate some piece of chicken in a jungle village somewhere and now weigh 90 pounds.


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