Day 102

Thumbing it.

It was a good day today I think. Overall. I finished chapter 3 on schedule without any crazy issues. I experimented today by taking the laptop outside on the front lawn and dictated while wandering around the yard with my hood on like a crazy uni-bomber-type-person.

Then the Mosquitos got me.

Siri wanted to capitalize Mosquitos and I don't see why I wouldn't let that happen. They may be small individually, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in number and persistence.

We were out shopping again today. Well, we had to go pick up an inflatable bed for when J's family come visit and try to match the scent of some bottle of liquid the previous owners left In the kitchen.

Have you done this before? Walked into stores that carry such things and stand around snogging liquids. Well it's quite a thing.

We also swung by Sears to pick up some baby stuff that J's family got us. A change table and a crib. So she was pretty excited about that and I nearly threw out my back loading it into the car. Good times.

When we got home from that excursion I wasn't feeling very well so I went to sleep. Yes, again in front of a TV airing soccer. It's such a good sedative. I enjoy watching it when I'm feeling awake, and quite enjoyed the Germany match against Ghana tonight, but when you're falling asleep on a couch on a day with nothing pressing to do.. well, it's second only to perhaps golf.

We then went to a fundraising dinner for my cousin's son at the rink downtown. It's for their 4-H program. They had an auction and at the beginning sold off the remaining prime rib that was left over from dinner. I bought a $10 hung of meat. It came in a bag.

It was the best prime rib I've ever had.

I had some tonight. Sweet Jesus in the garden it was good. I also bought a round of golf for two at the local course. I figured me and me pa should get out at least once this summer.

We got home around 8:30 and I dove in and got the writing done. I also had a pretty decent fetch session with Hubble outside. He runs like a cheetah this one. He's shit at bringing the ball back mind you, I pretty much have to trick him every time. But he hunts it down like a champ.

Well, it's a short one today. I'm not nearly as fast at thumbing as I am at typing or dictating. And I find they get sore a lot faster.

Nothing surprising about that. Of all our evolutionary adaptations, does another body part get a more rigorous daily use than the thumb?

Nite monkeys.