Day 99

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Well I just noticed that my page is marred by a slight design flaw that has a picture of the lads and I from season 1 of Package Deal. Clearly I was testing something for the new design and accidentally put it out there.

I'm already in bed and my computer is downstairs so it won't get fixed tonight. Likely tomorrow, though as to when the updated blog will come.. who can say? I'm a work in progress over here. I do my best.

I did fiddle around with it a bit but I don't have the patience for such work anymore. It's a lot of trial and error, design or creative work of any kind - that has meaning behind it, and I find myself wanting to put those efforts toward the book.

It's no offence to you of course. I have written something for you to read for 99 straight days. So clearly I value our relationship. Though I do find you somewhat quiet and absent at times.

Nevertheless, the blog will get sussed out in good time. Whether it's by day 100 or 1000 will remain to be seen. ~ I judge the second of those numbers to be the more likely given the other is technically tomorrow.

So there's that.

I did get a lot of work done today. I'm plodding along at a pretty good clip, definitely honing in on a method that'll work consistently. It's still a bit of a struggle, but I've had two good days to chip away and should have another solid one tomorrow.

We also had a visit from my friend Dawn today to discuss baby related information. She had a lot of good stuff for us and left a DVD that we watched pretty much all afternoon.

I learned a lot guys. Sacral squeezing anyone? Cause I've got you covered if that's what you need. Maybe a little oxytocin to get you all nice and contracted? I'm on it.

Well, you'd have to do that last part yourself I suppose, given the fact you produce that particular chemical in your body. I could get you some pitocin, perhaps, the synthetic version, if you were really having the troubles.

Actually, come to think of it, Jeannette probably wouldn't want me sacral squeezing you either, given the rather intimate position that entails. But I'm sure we can still be friends.


I am now standing outside waiting for Hubble to do his nightly business without getting eaten by a coyote. I'm having difficulty continuing to type this out however, as he keeps going after a dental bone he buried in the flower garden earlier tonight. The result of that catastrophe is featured above. In fact, I think this plea to come out and pee was all a ruse!

He buried it with his paws and then filled it back it with his face. He then immediately forgot where he'd put it and couldn't find it again. When I tried to get him to come in the house he bolted off into the woods.

We've had a rough go of it today.

I knew I was in for trouble when Dawn came over this morning and he jumped up on the couch, ignoring my commands to get down as if we'd just met. He usually listens pretty well so I knew the slight was designed specifically to embarrass me in front of my friend. And it was duly noted.

He's been on the verge of strangulation ever since.

It poured all day today, which made hanging in quite enjoyable. I watched some soccer and couldn't believe the level diving has reached in that sport. I thought it was bad in hockey.

The whole 'win at all costs' thing really kills the whole point of sport.

We have more errands and whatnot to do for tomorrow, of course, but no one complained about chilling out today. We have baby stuff ordered and on the way, which is pretty fun, and the house is looking pretty good.

If I could just get the dog to start acting like he wasn't thrown off the side of a gypsy's wagon during a drunken day of feral dog racing, I'd be all set.