Day 93

I can't even think right now. Jeannette has utterly gastrointestifed the bedroom. It hangs, like a low hanging fog that may not visually fill a room but certainly assaults all the other senses as it moved inward through the house and off out into the universe.

I putt the alien that encounters it in 100 million years as his world passes through some nebula somewhere.

She's pregnant, so I won't hold it against her. The sad truth of it all is that she's a fiery Middle Eastern goddess carrying a bit of the mild, salty Caucasian meat in her, and that's bound to wreak havoc on the insides.

So enough said about that. And we'll move on.

We went furniture shopping today. Again. If I never sit on another strange and uncomfortable sofa it'll be too soon. We went for a sectional, so it would be sure to fit in our trapdoor entrance of a basement staircase. I went for something narrow and awkward as a visual there. Might have missed the mark.

We found a really good one but it's a completely different colour and more expensive than what we'd had previously, for a total of no time, as it never even made it into the room. I was a little too tired of looking and waiting for furniture so we tried to get the floor model and have it shipped ASAP. We haven't heard back.

So that pie is still in the oven.

We then went to the wicker universe, or emporium.. Yes. That's it. We've bought enough furniture there the last couple of weeks. I should at least show them the respect they deserve.

For whatever it's worth, the couch that didn't fit was from Leon's...

We picked up some more items that looked like they were torn off the set of the Little House on the Prairie, in a good way mind you. The primate is into it. And then we went to my parents place to check in with them. Watched a bit of soccer and then got a quick lesson on how to operate his gigantic, industrial strength weed wacker. This thing is the Tony Soprano of lane care.

Then we came home and installed the new furniture updates. Jeannette gave her sister a FaceTime tour of the as yet to be finished house, and I dug into some writing. My snag last night had to be dealt with.

I needed to break the white board out and pull back for another birds eye view. It's a very helpful tool I haven't been utilizing due to the continued barren chaos of my whole basement area. So I threw the white board up and got it down in front of me. I took what I learned and had written in the past couple weeks and modified the system.

I need 20 pages a week if I want to finish the first draft of the book before the hellion is released in September. So I set aside tomorrow to dive in and do a longer session than the minimum to get me back on track page wise. We're here all day. I've got a lawn to mow. That's it. So I'll have Chapter 2 done easy peasie by the end of the week.

*I don't know why I keep defaulting to "easy peasie". It's not an expression I use in life, to my knowledge. I suppose it could be something I say out of so much habit that it's like breathing. The phrase "shit balls" was what I said whenever I screwed up a take in the first season of Package Deal.. and was unaware I said it so much. Maybe easie peasie is something like that.

I hope not. I don't think I'm comfortable letting a me that says that unconsciously out in public out of the house. I'll become a shut in. Which would really be ideal, to tell you the truth. I'd get SO MUCH work done.

But nay, journey's big and small must continue to be embarked upon or else the organism grows dull and retarded.

And I use the word retarded in its true and defined use, referring to the retardation, or stunting of growth, of an organism in an area of action or inquiry. Example: I am retarded in math. Which is to say, I stopped learning it in high school and as a result have not continued to grow in that area of my brain.

Be it in the full spectrum of mental cognition in life; which generally occurs in early fetal development, or in injury, or perhaps in simply quitting something due to disinterest or low self esteem.

Whatever the cause of the retardation, refusing the journey and the adventures beyond is a kind of death.

I got some very good work done tonight. Most specifically in the realm of structure. I'm not someone who just "writes" and it all comes out organically. I can do that, mind you, but as you have no doubt seen from the blog I can be somewhat long winded.

So I need occasional check ins and another probe into the meat of it all. I need to understand the rules of the craft before I can apply them to my own life, which I then use as a lens to see the world I'm creating more clearly.

Once you understand the hero's journey (Joseph Campbell - look him up!!) you can see the pattern in any story, any plight that is undertaken. Including the lives of the people around you.

So yes, I will leave the house tomorrow, if only to mow my lawn. And the chances of seeing a neighbour out here are slim. I might get a wave as someone drives by through the trees. But otherwise I'll be on my own with the lady and the hellion in the shop.

Oh, and before I go I'll mention, because I forgot to brag about it last night, my compost bin security system totally worked.

And I will sleep satisfied tonight knowing that whatever beast went through it the night before would have encountered the contraption, been foiled, and all the while taking in the scent of my mark. (yes I peed, just to be a dick)

He'll either be wary to come back around these parts, for fear of angering the more capable animal, or swat me in the face on my way to the lawn mower tomorrow morning.

Who can say?