Day 82

82nd day of the blog and day 1 of the first draft of the book. I worked out the schedule moving forward and it looks pretty decent. I'm shooting for 16 chapters. One chapter a week. 20 pages or so per chapter. That'll give me a readable draft by the time the baby pops out, which is the goal.

It's not an exact science.

That's the plan.

Today was a good start, though I'll have to finish up a little when we go home tonight after the hockey game. As productive as I was I did also have to assemble the desk and then go to a family barbecue.

So I did quite well, I think, considering.

I took the first half hour and plotted out what I'd write today. That's it. With the greater plot in mind I just mapped out the first three and a half pages..ish and then went in and wrote it. Most of it.

It was great. And when the house is all set up and we're all settled and in a routine it'll be even better.

We got the question again tonight at the barbecue. One of my cousins friends was in from Ontario, as was my cousin ( birthday trip home ) and she posed the question toward the end of the night. No one understands why we moved out there. It's interesting.

"Yes but you moved from LA.. to the middle of the woods? ..Why??"

We did the best we could to explain without getting too deep into the reasoning but I don't think we made a dent in the mystery. Which is funny, because it seems so obvious to me now. To get out of the rat race and simplify life.

I'm quite content to spend my days with Jeannette, the baby on its way, and my family. I have friends all over the place who will eventually come and spend some time. We'll get to travel a lot, see the world, shoot some more stuff in the future. Package Deal or otherwise, and that'll be it.

Shrink your world.

The trick to that, unfortunately, is that first you must expand it. And most people, I think, get lost in that process and never come out of it.

If they begin the process at all.

It's pretty great being home so far. Anything I'm even remotely interested in I have a contact for out here. Mostly in the family. My uncle is a big outdoors guy now, which I've mentioned. Hiking and kayaking are what he's into presently, which is something I'll be joining him on this summer for sure.

My other cousin has a connection for my German Shepard watch dog. I should have more information this week on that process, which I'd love to get started at some point. Once we get informed a bit more we'll decide on when we should do that. And then once the house is set up I won't have much to do besides writing.

Since I've set forth a pretty reasonable schedule for myself, I think I'll have enough time to train another dog. But we'll see. I'll have to dig into this and see what's what.

I was just informed by Jeannette that we have a whole list of things to do tomorrow. I don't know what happened. Twenty minutes ago we had nothing planned and I could just write. Now, evidentially, there's a whole "list".


So much for no distractions! Although to be fair, that's the one draw back of country living. If you don't get your errands done you die in the woods.

Game 7 is just starting between Chicago and Los Angeles. This should be a good one. I'm pulling for LA obviously, but I don't mind seeing Chicago win. Love Kane and Toews.

Having said that... Go Kings go.