Day 80

Must See TV

I'm watching the hockey game. The tide has turned. Chicago is up 2-1 in the second period. Quick just made a ridiculous save on Patrick Sharp.

This TV is pretty great. Not unconscionably large, by any stretch. Not when considering what's out there and the size of the room we put it in. Still no furniture and I sit in either an office chair, when Jeannette is watching with me, or a wicker one, when she isn't.

I had the whole day to myself up here on the mountain. Well, I had to go in to pay for some shit at future shop and pick up a couple of end tables, but that wasn't more than a couple of hours. I listened to a few chapters of Bertrand Russell's Brief History of Western Philosophy as I did all that. He's into Plato and Socrates and just did a good portion of a chapter on Sparta; the myth vs the reality and which of the two was more impactful.

Turns out they were all a bunch of pussies.

I kid. They were hardcore. But flawed in obvious ways.., what with all the early naked boy/girl wrestling classes and all.

You thought those Catholic school girl short skirts were a bad idea...

I love the audio tapes. Highly recommend Audible. When it's good material that is performed in a voice that suits the work, it's pretty great.

Not for books of fiction. I'd prefer to read those. But why not listen to some interesting shit while in the car or wandering around an electronic store looking for the bathroom? Why not I ask you?!

While I was out I picked up Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer. I realized the other day when perusing it at the coffee shop we go to that I'd never read it. I'm not reading anything right now and thought it was as good a book to read as any, so today I asked the guy at the coffee shop if I could borrow it.

I believe his words were; "fill your boots." A lovely local phrase that my father also says a lot.

When I got home I took the dog and went down to the water to dig into the book. It was an idyllic idea that was ruined about ten minutes in by the black flies.

I should say we didn't go right down to the water. Instead we stopped on the edge of the cliff and sat on a bench that just looks off at the water.

So we walked back after a few pages of reading and some general screwing around with my camera. When we got to the driveway there were three hares run/hopping toward us. When they saw us they just stopped and waited to see what we would do.

For fun I unclipped Hubble's leash and let him go just to see what would happen. He's fast, the little Shih Tzu terror, but he was no match. They pretty much toyed with him. Led him right into the front muddy woods and emerged from three different places and bounded off into the backyard leaving Hubble running around the centre of the woods barking at ghosts.

I'm sure I'll find a tick or two tonight. There's no way he escaped that debacle tick free. I probably didn't either. But I check my hair all the time anyway.

Oh, I played hockey with one of the guys who put my TV in. He remembered me and then said, "the comedian" and I was like, "yep. That's me."

"What are you doing all the way out here?"

It's a common reaction we're getting from people. Even my cousin's wife made a remark last night that she just didn't "get it." The conversation changed gears before I could address it but it doesn't matter. It's hard to describe to people anyway.

I hope once I start churning out the books and continue blogging it'll be more clear. But if not it's fine by me. My parents seem happy, as does Jeannette - minus the ticks - and I couldn't be more content and excited to dig in here. So there you go. I suppose that's all that really matters.

Speaking of ticks, Hubble had another one on him last night. Right under his eye. It was a bitch to get out.

Official count:
Hubble - 4
Me - 1
Jeannette - 0