Day 79

Coronation Street is on while I'm writing this. I think that pretty well describes the mood I'm in right now and the general state of my environment.

My dad will wake up from a nap just to turn the channel when this show comes on. He despises it. Bad British soap opera that has somehow managed to stay on air for the past 134 years. Clinging on for dear life like Small Pox, Ben Mulroney or herpes.

I'm leaving it on because I'm too lazy to get up and change the channel myself. My dad is in the other room right now as well, and doesn't have the best hearing, so I fear we're stuck with it for the duration.

I ate some bad chicken wing today guys.

That will explain the tone of the entry and my mood better than anything else I could write.

It was bloody, it was, and I'd eaten a whole wing before I even noticed. Perhaps that is why gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. I don't eat a lot, but clearly my style of eating should change if I'm eating entire wings before noticing they haven't been properly cooked!

This is grim.

So far I have no symptoms of any illness but the #DeathWatch is on. I've had salmonella once before and it's not fun.

Also, Jeannette was violently ill earlier this year after eating bad bean sprouts at a Chinese restaurant in Ottawa. Now a Chinese restaurant in Greenwood serves us up a shit wing.

They took it away and brought us another order and apologized, which is pretty standard fair, I would think, after accidentally ripping off the limb of a dead bird and serving it before remembering to actually throw it in a deep frier or oven first.

The feathers are going to give me heartburn. I know it!

Jeannette told the waitress I was just a little worried about getting sick, to which she replied, "I bet you are. Just try not to think about it."

I wasn't overly happy about it, but there's not much I can do about it now. I think we're done with Chinese food for a while, and eating out much at all if it can be helped.

It's nothing against the Chinese, per se; though the story of them putting melamine in their baby formula, as well as many other human rights violations, isn't helping their cause in my book.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that both occurrences of being served food that could potentially kill us came from two restaurants specializing in Chinese cuisine. But to be honest, the food in general - barring perhaps a AAA fine dining type establishment - just isn't good enough in my opinion to keep taking these risks.

I did say to the manager afterwards that they need to be a little more careful. It was just good luck that I dug into the uncooked meat instead of Jeannette, who is, as you know if you read this at all, preggers.

So step you're game up Chinese food places. Coincidence or not, after a while I'm going to start taking this personally!

We're out at my parents place again today to pick up a bunch more of our stuff. That simple errand turned into an impromptu napping situation for Jeannette, leaving the "pack mule" running solo, which is why I'm now writing this entry...

..while I have an INTERNET CONNECTION!!

More delays. More annoyances. More waiting for services that are a basic human right in Finland!

Tomorrow we're getting the TV delivered with speaker system. And Jeannette will be going to the city with my parents to do some more shopping. So I will, at long last, have a desk by the end of tomorrow.

gOd only knows when we'll get the rest of our furniture. It's still great being out there. We're adequately settled ( weird, Siri just auto corrected adequately and spelled it wrong.. Useless!) and are comfortable. It's just not great for having anyone else over yet. Which we'd like to be able to do. Fire up the barbecue and have a big tick/Lyme disease party.

You know what I'm saying!!

We found another one on Hubble this morning. That's what I woke up to actually. Jeannette freaking out. So I got that off him pretty easily and then we found one climbing up the wall next to the bed.

My keychain is a tool to remove ticks.

Dorothy isn't in Kansas anymore.

So we'll see. The official tick count to date - and I count any physical contact with one of the little devils as "exposure" - is as follows:

Jeannette: 0
Me: 1
Hubble: 3

Also, because I'm typing this out on my phone and my computer is back at the house, I'll throw in a picture as best I can; which is at the end of the blog.

I got up on the roof today and took a panoramic shot of the front of the property. The water you see is the Bay of Fundy, about a five minute walk down a private path to the beach. Behind what you see is pretty much nothing but woods. Which is handy for a guy with absolutely no skills in the forest whatsoever.

Other than climbing trees.

I'm confident I'm still good at that. Unless the salmonella on its way somehow renders my limbs inoperable.

Time will tell.