Day 77


Blog Note: I am sitting in the parking lot of an auto body shop waiting for my car to be fixed and was about to post my entry from last night when I noticed that it's gone.

I knew I was playing with fire with this whole "post it the next day when you have reception" strategy. The stupid phone went dead while I was sleeping and by the time I charged it, alas, the entry was gone.

I did read it to Jeannette last night, who is currently more bummed out than I am about the loss of another entry. My guess is it's because it was especially complimentary to her. She set up the kitchen last night while I was in the basement setting up my office chair and watching the hockey game on the TV I stole from my parents.

The Bell guy came in the morning to set up the cable so we needed the TV to make sure it got done. He was a good dude. He's moving out west in the next couple of months. There just aren't enough jobs or opportunities out here. I've been hearing that a lot from people since moving back.

Things seem grim on the East Coast of Canada depending on who you talk to or how you look at things. Thankfully I look at things pretty positively so we're good. And things can turn around in a hurry. Change is the one constant of reality after all. And the great illusion..

While the young Bell dude was there setting up our cable we had a neighbour come in and look at our heating system. As expected, it was just a stupid little switch that I would never have known to flick if I had a million years to figure it out. Well, I probably would have flicked it after a few hundred thousand years of trial and error. I should give myself "some" credit.

My dad and cousin both came to have a look at the heater and see what the issue is as both of them had tried to get it going as well. Also, dad will be looking after the place while Jeannette and I are away, which hopefully won't be too often.

Jamie, my cousin, showed up at 8:15am after telling us he'd be by a half hour later. I thought Jeannette might kill him dead where he stood. We move across an entire continent, deep into the woods with barely another primate around, only to be woken up by a knock on our door at 8:15 in the morning. Ha!

I was fine with it but Jeannette gave him a bit of the business.

The heat got set up and then Jeannette went shopping with my mom and gave the "pack mule" (me) a break for the day. So I came out to my parents house and did a bit of work on the book. Just organizing my thoughts on where I'm starting and what's necessary.

When the ladies got back I was informed that I've officially been replaced as a shopping companion. Evidentially my mother is a significantly better shopper than I am - big friggin surprise! They have another Costco trip planned for Friday that I am officially not invited to.

We're only about 30% set up but already with the heat and the bed and the kitchen set up its very comfortable. I can't wait till we have the basement set up and the rest of the furniture. I set up the fireplace outside and we spent a bit of time out there in front of a piddly little fire. It was a little too cold and miserable to stay, but it was quite nice.

I chased Hubble around the wilderness a bit as he's used to a certain level of exercise being out here with my parents' dogs for three months. We're going to have to get him a dog friend to keep up with him. I don't have the wind to tire him out. I'm putting feelers out for a German Shepard. I want a dog I can train well. I also have a connection with a guy who trains them for the police. Now we're talking.

The only problem with living out in the bush, this summer anyway, is the tick situation. And the Lyme disease they're injecting into a whole hoard of people in NS. It's a big problem.

I found one on Hubble's eyelid while we were driving into my parents place. We had to get tweezers to pluck it out. You have to be careful you don't squeeze them and shoot their diseased juices into the dog, or worse, into your own head!

So Jeannette and I now have a nightly routine of checking each other for bugs. I quite enjoy it. It's very primal. We're like two monkeys sitting in a tree grooming each other in the middle of the woods.

I'll stop short of picking the ticks off and eating them. But I can't promise I won't keep them and see what makes them tick through a microscope. No pun intended.