Day 74


Yellow flag on this one.

I'm publishing tomorrow instead of right now, when it's being written because, I'm at the new house and not privy to the wide, world, web*.

*Wide world excluding the better part of the African continent, a good portion of Slavic peoples - Siberia, I'm looking at you, if the rumours and stereotypes are true - North Korea and, well, China, I suppose. Unless you're handy with computers and don't care that much about the fate of your extended family.

As fate should have it, to reuse a word I mistreated a moment ago ( or hours ago, plus a moment, from your perspective ) I also don't have cell reception. We're getting fixed up Thursday I think, and will be with my parents tomorrow night so I should be good from here on out. But alas, after the day we just had, and the technological realities of my current position in space time, this will have to do.

It's good enough for me, considering the codes of conduct I am currently living by. And if it's good for me then I'm happy.

I will also point to my obvious dedication to the pursuit of a personal, daily blog, for the rest of my life, and the fact that I will restart the whole thing if I miss a step, as I have done on two occasions now - once 74 days ago when on day 60something I up and forgot to write one.

Boom! I pulled the clock back. Started all over again. Didn't write one late, submit it and tell you I was in a house I just bought somewhere in the middle of 8000 acres of forest and didn't have internet.

Not that you would have believed me at that time, given the fact I was in Vancouver getting ready to start shooting Package Deal. Hadn't even started mind you, and yet just up and forgets to write it. ..idiot!

No, it doesn't still bother me at all..!..

Oh, and the other time I reset the clock was after 160some odd days the first time around. After I "woke up" and decided that a daily blog, among other things, was what I needed to start doing.

I hadn't even forgotten to write the blog on that occasion! It was my conscience telling me that I hadn't lived up to the original pact.. I made with myself.. Of writing an hour and a half of the book every day, along with the blog.

I took a day off after 78 days or so, I think. Missed a night. So I restarted the clock. Back to 0:00's. Pick up the torch, light it again and head off into the darkness, yapping about it the entire way.

That is one of the codes of Primatism, my dear, fellow, hairless, monkeys in arms. One must always endeavour to be mouthy: which is not to say one should be rude or impudent, but rather, to readily share the contents and stories of your life with others.

So I'm at day 74 on this my third try, having learned from the first failure and been humbled by the second, and I'm not able to "phone it in" - in a surprisingly positive interpretation of that phrase. I'll post this tomorrow and then write another one. Just like clockwork for me, though I do understand that on your end you will experience a bit of a wobble.

The fact is, we had a hellishly long day of shopping and after an unnecessarily long drive back home and a bit of a heater situation in the new place, I had neither the time earlier to write this and post it, nor the ability now.

I do find it somewhat amusing that my defense of the fact that this will be published late and that my streak should not be affected, has completely devoured my allotted time for this entry.

And I didn't even get to tell you about almost burning the house down last night and my meteor shower experience.

Or the meteor in my backyard.