Day 72

I'm a bit lazy today, thus the 'no picture' at the top. Also there's no title for this one either. Such is my level of energy as I sit here in my fathers recliner writing this rather uninspired entry.

Look, at the very least I'll call a spade a spade. Though I don't know why you'd call a spade by any other name. Perhaps someone tried to pass one off as a club before, in some notorious card game that went sideways. Who can say?

I'm thumbing this one. While watching the hockey game. Jeannette went off to bed and was hoping I'd do the same, but I'm enjoying this game and figured I shouldn't do anything contrary to my mood today. Which is to say, up and make a good decision to just go to bed. For one thing I could finish this entry up there, get my shit together and put a pic at the top.

But no. That's not going to happen. Instead, I'll use these two opposable thumbs as rapidly as I can for the next twenty minutes to relate to you all the unexciting aspects of my day.

First: we went to the bank.

Jeannette had MANY things on the list for us to do. One was to switch the location of my corporate account; Mouthy Primate Inc. - yes, I'm serious - to the bank nearest us. Then there were some mortgage questions and the happy news of the rather piddly penalty you incur if you just pay your mortgage right off.

Which won't be happening any time soon. The book has a long way to go and we won't hear about a season 3 for a while. But it isn't out of the realm of possibility, at some point.

Montreal just scored. It's 2-1 Habs over the Rangers with a minute and a bit left.
If you care.

I'm very eager to get into the house. And on a day where there's a meteor shower! A good omen for sure. Unless it's overcast. In which case I'm not sure what that would mean.. Probably something to do with demons.

That's how the ancients would no doubt have explained things away in the old days before science. Any calamity or illness was either do to the weather or some demon. I think the same beliefs apply to many tribes in the Congo, the Serengeti and some towns in the southern US.

So we went to the bank and then went to the post office to get our forwarding address set up. They don't deliver mail out to where we live guys. We have to go get it.

I think that's also the case in those African jungle villages I mentioned earlier.

After all that excitement we came home and my parents whisked Jeannette off to Halifax to go to Costco. ..where she proceeded to buy half the store. My mom sent me pictures to ease me into the happenings in the store. I presume she did it so that the shock of the purchases didn't kill upon their arrival home.

Not that it would bother me. She's nesting and is quite happy about it. And I will most certainly benefit greatly from that freezer full of rib steaks.

I had a very quiet day. I cleaned. I watched a bit of TV. I wrote for a while. A good relaxing day that I don't feel an ounce of guilt for!

I'm tired now though. No question. I feel this is also due to the fact that I'm a bit out of shape. I can still climb a tree, I'm confident of that. But I'm not at peak levels by any stretch. I'm devouring a lot of food and not exerting much energy.. Or producing much content.

This can't continue. But for today it was sweet.

My uncle is into all kinds of outdoorsy stuff these days. Since I was here and we went snow shoeing he's gotten into hiking - a natural substitution for when the snow is gone - and also kayaking. I've kayaked before and loved it. So I'll be getting into that with him for sure. He just doesn't know it yet.

As I said a while back I really want to get to know this area better. The landscape of it, not just the towns and streets. The outdoors. And kayaking? Are you kidding me. Too much fun.

Jeannette did a great job at Costco and picked me up a great desk chair. Tomorrow Hubble gets thrown through a wash cycle at the groomers. Jeannette refuses to let him in the new house in his current state.

Which means I should probably at least have a shower as well.

Overtime now. My day tomorrow is ruined.