Day 51

Bare bones today.

I'm at the hospital with Jeannette and we're waiting for some tests to come back. She's been quite uncomfortable for the last couple days and it wasn't getting any better so we decided to pull the trigger on a hospital visit to make sure everything was okay.

The baby seems fine. We had an ultra sound to make sure and I got to see the heart beat for the first time. He or she looks very good and the doctor was pleased with the results. Her vitals are great too. She's just in a bit of discomfort that doesn't seem to be getting better.

It's a stressful business this pregnancy thing. Hard on the nerves when things aren't going smoothly. It still shocks me that we don't know what's going on inside our own bodies. We know symptoms. We can describe issues. But ultimately we don't know what's happening inside.

All we can do is see what it is and go from there. But I'm more calm now that we're here. It's good to get professionals in the mix when there are complications of this sort. And they took us right in when we arrived. The doctor has been amazing.

Just a waiting game now. I've done all I can to this point. My job is to get her somewhere where we can figure things out, make her more comfortable and calm her down when she starts to get upset. Which at this point, I reminded her, is her job as well. I'll be strong for her. She has to be strong for the baby and not create a stressful environment. Easier said than done, I realize, but stress and worry does absolutely no good whatsoever.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say its kidney stones. Not a fun prospect but it would explain a lot. I guess we'll see. I have a total of zero training in this field however so I'm pretty much talking out of my ass.

On a personal note, not that it matters at this point, but I'm pretty tired. It wasn't a long day, by any stretch. I went in at 3pm. But I didn't have a lot in the tank to begin with. And tomorrow is going to be very busy.

I'm in all the scenes we're shooting with Jason Priestley, and also have the live show to contend with as well. Sadly, there's no telling how long we'll be here at the hospital so I have no idea when we'll be getting back home. We aren't going anywhere until we find out what's going on and that'll take time.

They have to be careful which tests they give her because she is pregnant so it might be more difficult to figure it out. I have no idea. I'm just a dude sitting on a hospital bed while the one next to me is being cleaned by a nurse and Jeannette is getting examined in another room.

I find this hospital somewhat depressing. Most emergency rooms are I think, given the nature of their function. But it's hard on the heart seeing so many people in distress.

I overheard one young guy with an asthma attack being questioned by the doctor. There are meds that would help him that he can't afford. And he just had to leave his apartment so he technically, as of today, has no where to go.

I don't like that.

Well she's out now so I'm going to go keep her company and try to keep her mind away from all those dark places it can go to in a situation like this.

Hopefully it'll all be ok and we'll be out of here soon.