Day 23

Tired. Tired. And more tired. 

I'm a zombie right now. This entry will likely have very little flow. It might not even make sense at times. I think I still have makeup gunk in my eye. We just got back from set after a really long day. Great stuff mind you. But just a lot of it. 

Worse for Julia and Randal though, considering they were there the earliest. But for me the biggest victim of the long hours is my voice. 

The last scene we shot requires me to yell... a LOT, and my voice took an ass kicking. I need to be smarter about when I let those takes rip and wait for my coverage. Which is to say, when the camera is on me. Otherwise.. well I run the risk of the situation I'm in now. With a full day of shooting tomorrow and a throat that's being coated in unpasturized honey tonight. (It was a tip I got on set, I'm hoping it helps)

I also nearly broke my own spine on a chair earlier in the day when Harland pulls me down roughly on a chair that flips back up when I stand. So my ass slammed down on the edge of the chair - to hilarious but painful affect. I've even tried rubbing the honey all over my ass to see if that helps. I was told it was a miracle worker so I figured why not.

It just sucks because it means I have to write this entry while on all fours in the tub... but you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Jeannette came to set today which was great. It's always so much more fun for me when she's there. And she seems to really enjoy watching it all go down from behind the scenes. She gets asked why she's not out in the city doing ... 'stuff', but all it does is rain here. Also, she's pretty uncomfortable with the pregnancy anyway. So what's she gonna do? 

And we prefer being together anyway. Why be apart if it's not necessary? 

Tomorrow is the live show, which should be fun. I really look forward to them now. No more nerves. No more anxiety. Just a good time. We're even adding a scene to the live show that we did tonight. Unfortunately it's the very same one where I do all my yelling.. but I'm glad we're going to do it live. It's a very fun scene and it features Harland, Randal, Julia and myself. No Jill, which does suck a bit, but Harland and I have another scene with her that's great. 

Yeah, my throat is balls right now. I might have one good yell in me tomorrow night and then I'll have to shut it down. 

Speaking of shutting it down, I'll be ending this now I'm afraid. Jeannette just made me some nachos (a good choice for a bad throat I think, sharp edged chips with burning hot sauce...) and I'm utterly starving. Then it's off to bed until we get up tomorrow and do it all over again. 

This is a tough schedule. But so far the show isn't suffering at all. It's a good 30% funnier than it was last year. And trust me when I tell you that I'd tell you if it wasn't. 

I live on a mountain now. I have allegiances to no one!

- mp