Day 33

I'm thumbing it again. So this'll be a short entry. My wrists are bugging me from all the writing I've done without the aid of my grandfather keyboard. Terrible.

Fun day today. Got together with the remaining Package Dealers for some brunch and mimosas. Which was everyone but Harland who was on the first plane back to LA the moment we wrapped Friday night. And I don't blame him. Get back to some Californian sun after the week we just had? Good on him.

We then went to S&J's for a hockey pool. I've maybe watched a handful of games all year and have no intention of watching much in the playoffs, but it was fun and good to see everyone. And of course we got to see little Archer. He's walking now. When I was watching him he made a beeline to the wall mirror and began kissing himself a little. Which I can't fault him for. He's a handsome devil. And just past one.

Watched a bit of Amazing Race action and then after J went to bed I dug into Cosmos. Another fantastic episode. So well done. And this'll really launch Neil Degrasse Tyson into the main stream. Which can only help the cause. He's a brilliant man and great communicator.

Speaking of which, I read another blog of Sam Harris's today when he was interviewing Dan Harris (no relation) of ABC news on his new book about meditation. I don't know if I mentioned that if made an effort to meditate on Friday before the live show. I didn't have much time, just a half hour or so, but I think I only managed to do a bit of breathing and calm myself down.

But today I got to a pretty great place. It was before we went to S&J's for the hockey pool. Jeannette was out with the ladies and I was on my own for a couple hours. I got into that article and decided to give it another shot. I'd say I was pretty deep in there for a good hour or so then did some writing. A quiet and very relaxing afternoon.

I'm now watching Brad Garrett on Till Death as I'm typing this out on my soon to be numb thumbs. I've done shows with Brad. An interesting guy. Funny actor. His standup is very different then you might expect. I enjoyed my time with him. I remember one show we did in Portland at a casino. I opened for him doing 25 minutes or so and he went out and crushed for an hour or whatever. Anyway, during his set a man got up out of his seat, walked down the aisle as Brad was into a joke, and stood in front of the stage.

He asked him what he wanted, breaking from the joke he was half way through, and the guy lifted up a DVD set of Everybody Loves Raymond. "Can I get your autograph?"

Right in the middle of his set. Weird.

He also told me Ray Romano is so competitive and hard on himself that during a golf trip one time he said he'd mail his clubs home and not golf the rest of the trip if he missed his last putt on 18. He missed it, mailed his clubs home the next day and didn't golf the rest of the trip.

He wasn't enjoying doing Till Death when we worked together. I wonder if that ever changed. I wonder if the show is still on. I have no idea.

Okay, this constitutes an entry. Sleep now. Back to the gym tomorrow. But more importantly, back to the doctor.

More heartbeats to hear.