Day 30

I'm getting lazy!

I'm getting lazy!

Pretty sure I felt the baby again. I don't mean to brag; and I should note that Jeannette denies any of this is possible - however - I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move again. This time on my cheek. I will admit to also attempting to communicate with her, while Jeannette was on the phone talking to someone she saw on the monitor all day but didn't see. 

An actor friend of hers she's been trying to meet up with since we got here. He was working background on the show today and was in a scene we sat there watching all morning. Hilarious. Granted, it's been a long time since they've seen each other. But he should have known her from her laugh. Jeannette has a unique laugh. 

It was a very fun day on set today. I was only in a couple of scenes but they were both very fun. The first was with our guest star of the week. Turns out she had dated one of our cast members a long time ago, and had some very interesting things to say about what transpired. All very entertaining, I can assure you. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I believe she and I crossed paths back in our Toronto days, me as a standup and her as a sketch performer. But we couldn't pin point when. 

She was great and I hope they make her a regularly recurring character. I'm thinking we have a good chance of another season more and more. Perhaps a couple. The show is just too funny now I think. We're really hitting a pretty high level. The cast is gelling in a pretty interesting way and I think once this season hits it'll be pretty clear we should do this for a while more. Randal and I ended the day with one of those scenes that makes me think we've got a good shot at longevity. It just hummed. 

I come in with kid gloves on and then storm off in a rage. All in the span of about a minute and a half. Shit blew up. Arms got broken. Moustaches were shaved. Some or all of those things might not be true. It was a really good scene and a pretty fun way to end the day. I'm loving playing Ryan right now. The organism gets to play. That's what's fun about acting. You get to act out things you would never act out in real life. You get to yell and slam things around and kick things over. Sitcom acting is play acting. And it's fun as hell when you do it with people as talented as the ones I'm working with.

Harland Williams is a funny dude. He was in that first scene of the morning, where Jeannette's friend was working. He gives a ridiculous speech to a bunch of dudes that as soon as I read I knew he would crush. And he did. But with Harland it's never just his performance you laugh at. It's when he forgets the words and throws whatever vocabulary pops into his mind. Like this morning, when he called someone a demented, down syndrome dragon. He's an absurdly funny man. And it's getting real fun as we work together more and more. 

It's like Jeannette's friend said today to her on the phone. It was nice to be working on a set where people are genuinely laughing.

And it is.

Tomorrow night we shoot our fifth episode in front of a live audience. 

Sleep time. 


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