Day 066 "600 Days From The Beast"

I spent the day with an old friend today. Yep. Good little stroll down memory lane.

We used to spend a fair amount of time together this old friend of mine, until this past year, but being that it was a rainy, miserable Saturday in Vancouver today I thought it a good time to say hello and get reacquainted.

I'm speaking of course of the television and the fact that I watched about seven hours of it. It could be more than that, in fact I'm sure it is now that I think about it, but I'm pretty sure neuroscience has proven that it's hard to remember more than seven straight hours of television watching. Something to do with it taking ice cream sized scoops of short term memory out of your brain.

It was a surprising amount of reality TV today actually. We watched Border Wars, which features people getting pulled into customs at the Vancouver airport and having their world upended. A lot of smuggling goes on. And it's really quite interesting to watch people lie on that level. Regular people, doing high stakes crimes.

I know there are other such shows, where DEA agents are busting down the doors of major drug dealers and all that, but I found this much more captivating.

We've all had run ins with customs at the airport, especially if you've ever gone to LA for pilot season with no official papers and been questioned about what you're planning to do. It can get pretty nerve wracking. It only happened a couple times to me, and I wasn't "technically" doing anything illegal. But I've heard enough horror stories of people being banned from entering a country for less to make it a pretty stressful occurrence.

I couldn't give two shits now of course... But there was a time.

We then watched a few episodes of the Amazing Race, which I've only really seen maybe one season of, and not even a full one at that. What a frustrating experience that is. Watching, I mean, not playing. I think playing would actually be quite an experience if you had the right partner; which, judging from Jeannette's reaction to the stresses of the show, might not be her. She fully admits to it of course, so I doubt I'm stepping out of line by writing that.

We did take a walk out in the rain today. Had a few things to pick up. It's been a while since I walked around with an umbrella. Maybe just over a year, which would be the last time I was in this sun forsaken city. We got a couple of shitty ones that really did absolutely nothing other than tie up one of my hands. My legs still got soaked. And my back. Jeannette too. So that was less than ideal. But good to get out of the house for a bit.

I was actually getting a little stir crazy before I started this entry. Not sure what to do with myself. I considered getting into some work but I thought a full day of doing nothing was perhaps a better idea. Recharge the batteries and all that.

Despite the fact we have the coming week off I do think things might amp up a little. I've heard rumors we might get some scripts soon, which would be good. Hard to know if there's much point in starting to memorize lines at this point however, until we do the table reads and they do rewrites. But it would be nice to see something soon.

I'll probably work on some old ones anyway to get the brain geared up again.

Wow, I bailed on that idea before I even finished writing it. There's no way I'll do that. I might work on a bit of the memory techniques that I found, that I believe will help a lot, but as to going over old scripts, not a chance. That sounded like some bullshit even to me as I was writing it.

No matter. I'll find something to do this week. Likely it'll be work on the book. It's been weird, the last couple of days, not working on it. I don't feel the guilt I might otherwise feel, given the plan to gear down while in Van for the show, but it still is strange. I actually chatted with the dish washer repairman we had come over to the condo today about it. He's a writer too, and a wealth of appliance information as well (seriously, I know a lot of efficiency/energy saving techniques around the kitchen now) and used to live in the town I'm from. So that got me thinking about it more and made me start itching to get back at it.

But I'm sure the seven plus hours of reality TV I watched today has set the project back a number of months. So perhaps next week I'll just be playing catch up and rehabilitating myself.

Back to work. And by that I mean, TV. Have a good Sunday primates. -mp