Day 064 "Journalized... poorly"

Well it's my first official day not having to write the book minimum. And I didn't even enjoy it because it was only a moment ago when Jeannette reminded me that that was my plan.

Keep up the blog and work on the book when I have time and am able. Which means today is a bit of a grey area, given I'm not working yet and technically both have the time and am able. However, "able" is a bit of a stretch. Oh sure I could sit down and stare at my computer for an hour and a half again, but there's very little in the tank tonight. We had a long day and I'm feeling pretty jet lagged. Which is a fancy way of saying shittier than usual.

So I'm going to chill out tonight and relax. I did buy a couple of research books which I'll dig into maybe. So it's all still moving forward. But I don't think this is a bad thing. I got a lot of work done as we were winding down in NS. And now I'm here for the show. So when I get back, and we're all moved into the house I'll be able to dig in and get it done.

Good day today though. We hung out with S & J and their new addition: Arch. Pretty great little kid. Just turned one. I thought Jeannette was going to chew his face off. He's pretty cute. Until he saw me. Then he burst into tears forcing J to pull over and put me in the front seat and out of his field of vision.

So that was... fine. Whatever. It takes kids a minute to warm up to me. Such is my lot in life. Even my niece who I'm very close to avoided me when I'd come home for the first couple hours. It's a real annoyance. I'm thinking I shouldn't even be in the delivery room when my own kid is born for fear that he'll turn around and try to climb back up inside.

Medically impossible? Yeah well I'd rather not test that theory.

We're chilling out for the rest of the night with minimal plans for tomorrow. Jeannette's making lists again so that could change in an instant. With every click I hear her thumbs make it adds another 20 minutes of scheduling to my day.

I kid. She's diligent and I appreciate it.

If I didn't have her here I'd be in my underwear in the middle of the living room surrounded by Subway wrappers and empty cans of diet coke. She's a real nester, this one. And I am a man in need of a nest.

The condo we're in is quite nice. If almost debilitatingly small. But the layout is efficient and it's in a fun part of town so I think we're good. I do wish we'd been able to bring the dog. He's better off back home with the parental units but we miss him already.

Okay, I'm boring myself with this entry. The neurons are firing slowly tonight. Every thought is like trying to push a toy boat through a bathtub full of shit.

Even right there, I went with "shit" when another moment of thought could have produced a better substance for the visual with less ...

And there it goes again, trailing off for no reason. Yeah, I gotta end this entry now before it just becomes a series of sentence fragments and ellipses.

One day down. 73 left to go. -mp