Day 062 "Journalized"

The sold sign is on the house.

We went in for the last time before the trip tomorrow to get some measurements for furniture and all that jazz. Fun to see the sign out front. Can't wait to get in there and get going.

But that was in the afternoon. The morning was spent at the bank. Literally. Two hours. Trying to get everything set up and localized. When we sat down and the banker said we'd be hers for the next couple hours it was like someone dropped me in a tub full of ice water. It both woke me up, and put me to sleep all at the same time.

We should have been more prepared I suppose. And given ourselves more than a few minutes to get up and get ready before we had to go. And you know, eaten breakfast.

Pretty stupid really. Especially the breakfast part. But we survived it. The bank associate (or whatever title officially goes there) was great, and we were excused for an early lunch. I say excused because being in a bank reminds me of being in school for some reason. And I had the feeling that even if I wanted to leave today I wouldn't have been given a hall pass and would have my request denied.

I rarely go into banks. I'm not the bank type I suppose. Thankfully Jeannette is a gem at that aspect of life so I was able to sit back and let her engage the financial fighter pilot sitting across from us. And she did so. With gusto.

And then we got home and tied up the remaining loose ends before we head out.

I did a little writing today but it was mostly brainstorming. Which seems to fit the current state of my mind. I think I'm finally getting geared up for the trip. If not geared up, then at the very least put into a mental state of restlessness that makes working difficult. As evidenced by this particular blog entry. My brain is storming all right. A whirlwind of travel considerations.

It's not helping that I'm writing this while the show Chicago Fire is playing right next to my face. I've taken to watching the Voice with my parents and Jeannette. It's a really good show and the judges are very entertaining. And it's a good way to hang with the family and get out of the cave for a while.

But the show is now over and while I dug into this entry everyone abandoned the room leaving the TV blaring this show about firemen in my ear.

Will I get up and move? Nope. I'm not sure if it's due to a lack of energy or the fact that perhaps we've hit a bit of a bump in our relationship, you and I, and I just don't feel like being the only one trying to hold it together. Don't act surprised. You just sit there and read while I pour my heart out. Sure you occasionally move your lips but it's a far cry from the conversation this relationship needs.

I don't know. Whatever it is, I'm making an executive decision to keep pushing through this entry while being distracted by questionable Windy City accents and a soap opera undertone.

But I don't know. Maybe it's a good show. It's just not good as background for writing. Of any kind. Not like the rap music I've taken to listening to lately. Like a boss!! ..wait, wha..?

And we move forward.

I'm thinking the blog will be rather eventful when I get back on set for the show. The prime directive will preclude me from giving away any plot points or story lines of course, but that won't stop me from documenting the days on set in an entertainingly brief way!

I say brief because I'll be drunk assed tired every day when I get home. And will have lines upon lines to memorize. But I'm looking forward to having some good solid stories to relate to my loyal primate readers. I'm not sure if Pam will be back or not, but one can always dream.. And make up stories anyway.

How the hell would you know if I was lying or not? Sure you'd find out months later when she never makes an appearance on the show. "But I thought Jay said..."

Yeah, well who will care by then anyway? We live in the 6 second viral video age; where what happened yesterday is so last week, where what happened last week was ages ago, and where ages ago never even happened at all.

And that maybe doesn't make sense but no one cares about that either because they'll already have forgotten it by the time I'm done this sentence.

And my name isn't even Jay..

So keep that in mind as well.

And I'll leave you with that in mind as I sign off again on this one. I'm interested to see where this blog goes from here. Because it really has no where to go but up! ~ I can't tell if I say that because I truly feel this entry is balls, or because the show blasting in my ear is less than satisfactory and it's affecting my literary equilibrium.

Either way.. -mp