Day 061 "Footloose & Fancy Freezing"

We were globe trotters today. If your world is the valley, which mine now is. We went all over it. Straight up and down it. Took it by its ears and dragged it through the mud... ? ..

We had a lot of organisms to visit today. -I mean people- and we went from one place to another like a couple of people with actual shit to do. There were all kinds of people hanging around today to chat with. Some we sought out, others were intercepted along the way. Still others had the good grace to come right to my very door to say hello.

Chinese food was eaten. As was some apple pie at a rather late and unjustifiable hour, which is to say; but a moment before I sat down to write this.

Blood was taken, naps were had and depths were delved into.

It was a good day.

A long day. A day I will admit to battling through most of. Not a lot of sleep is never a good thing for me. I know this, and yet the behavior persists. Like oh, I don't know: a clearly recognized but as yet un-dealt with nocturnal pattern.

But change is coming. And I always give myself a little lee way with the rules when a major shift in either geography or biology is about to be undertaken. As evidenced by both the pie I devoured mere moments ago, at one in morning, and by the repeated error of the late night writing session I seem to be engaging in again tonight.

Shocking really. If you think about it. The irritating discomfort of being insufficiently rested, that I experienced all day TODAY, has done nothing toward forming neither a goal or even a desire of "not" repeating the very same mistake tomorrow.

Which is to say, I'm barely done recognizing an error on judgement has been made, before I find myself in the very middle of it happening all over again.

Did I mention I'm eating MORE pie as I write this?!

I'm kidding about the pie - though every part of me wants it - I won't be going back down stairs to the kitchen tonight. I have to tie this night up with a good quality push toward writing something that'll make me feel like I moved the story forward, and then I'll put the thumbs back to where they should be - dragging alongside my knuckles on the gravelly path of my keyboard - and maybe then, call it a night.

My grandfather was one of the people we saw today. He's still 93 years worth of kick ass, thanks for asking. I think we stayed at their place for a good hour and a half. Which was right after a morning coffee with my friend D. I haven't seen her since I moved home, which seems crazy. But it was good to finally catch up today. I knew Jeannette would like her.

Then we had dinner with my niece and a four hour conversation with my cousin. So it was a lot of family time today.

As expected, not much in the way of work was accomplished. Which is fine. As I said, I got a lot done the last little while. I feel like I'm in good shape. Couple of months in Vancouver to tinker with the story line a bit and outline, write when I can, and then I'll be all set to dig into this thing in May. Full steam ahead. No more distractions.

Well, a baby. Of course. Where are my manners? The little tadpole of a human spark did pop into existence just for me and Netter and all. I should give s/he the proper mention within the context of my coming creative environment. But hardly a distraction, my friends and priminions. An enrichment, I'm sure. Of both process and story. I have no doubt.

I meant the real distractions. You know the ones I mean. U do.

So I have that to look forward to. And Vancouver itself, which really is going to be a blast. It can't not be. I know exactly what it is and who I'll be dealing with. And we're going to kill this second kick at the cat (which is a horrible expression, and I'm glad Siri tried to change it to car..) - But it does fit and I'm not a cat person, so I kept it.

I'm out. An abrupt but welcome end for both of us. Have a good Tuesday. -mp