Day 059 "Journalized"

Watching cooking shows with Jeannette again. Quite entertaining. She gets riled up, this one. But it's about food so I fully support it. She likes her food. And loves to cook.

I do not. Yet. I had a flash of interest when I woke up. But it was fleeting and didn't last much longer than the "oh I get it" couple of hours. Had some interesting insights and moved on.

Someday maybe. But I'm cooking a book kids. And today it was simmering.

Way too long; as it was. So I dialed it back and broke the structure down even further. For a while it seemed as though I was spinning my tires again, but then it all started to become clear. And the train started moving forward again.

The outline remains the same, just condensed before I get into the writing. Chapters and acts. Average pages per chapter. That kind of thing. It seems to be what my brain wants to do - since forever - so I'm just letting it go. I take comfort in the fact that despite the several hurdles and doubts and misdirections I've had to this point, the project is always moving forward.

Every day of the week. Hour and a half minimum. For nearly sixty days so far.

Still no book. That's true. You're right. But a very rapidly forming process and a kickass amount of material I now have the comfortable position of choosing from in the already plotted first story. So I'm in good shape thus far. I'm happy with it.

Went to "the city" today with my parents and younger nephew to do some shopping for Jeannette. I really hate shopping. Really don't enjoy any aspect of it. If I need something I'll go get it. But I keep the trying on clothes to a minimum whenever possible.

But she got what she needed, I had some decent food court Thai food and we made a day of it. Then I dug into the book and worked until it was time to play some games with Jeannette, my other nephew and his friend. Which proved a good break.

I could hear the hockey game in the other room. The Pittsburgh/Chicago game. I even saw a bit of the snow riddled first period. Looked pretty fun. But not maybe for a regular season game.

No idea how it ended now that I think of it. They may all be buried out there on that field. Could be an ongoing story that I'm sitting here writing through, right now. "The outdoor hockey game thunder dumping", they're calling it. Where snow dropped from the sky in "feet" at a time, until the stadium was buried.

The army's been called in.

Hopefully no such thing is happening. Though I often feel that level of disconnect sometimes, when I come out of working for an extended period. I never worked on jokes like that; evidenced, perhaps, by my televised appearances. Just the writing and animating.

I'd animate for hours and days on end. Then peel my eyes off the monitor and stop to shove a sandwich in my mouth and see if there were any new invasions or shootings anywhere then hit some golf balls and get back to it.

Not much has changed. Same feeling of pulling my head out of the clouds and checking to see what's going on down here on Earth. ... Which is something I've been doing a little more lately; Ukraine & Russia, I'm looking at you. But I'm hopeful things can settle with no need for everyone to get all manly.

So that's it for tonight monkeys. I've talked myself out of energy. We're now watching Police Academy... It's time to take this day out of its misery. -mp