Done on Day 067

Wow. I just woke up and realized I missed my blog entry yesterday.

That has... Never happened.

The other restart was a choice made in answer to what I felt was a dropping of the ball on the book. But this, this is a whole other thing entirely.

I'm a little stunned right now. I really didn't even get up to much yesterday as Jeannette and I had another quiet day in. I worked on the book a fair amount but by the time the evening rolled around I absolutely didn't feel well and we went to bed rather abruptly. Which is when it all fell apart.

So weird.

And unacceptable.

As I said, stunned!

And so we restart. A set back, for sure. But mistakes, even honest ones, must be documented and dealt with or nothing will be learned.

I'm a little bummed about this, not going to lie. And punishments will be meted out. Don't you worry. Yes, I felt like a dragged sack of balls last night but that's no excuse to forget to write the blog.


Well, there will be no more time taken off at all this time around. We start with day 1 all over again tomorrow. Third time is a charm I suppose.

I have to just turn this into a motivational experience and get this all started again.

It's probably not helping my over all mood that I still feel like garbage this morning. I just can't believe it slipped my mind yesterday. I mean, there's relaxing and then there's being in a conscious coma, which is apparently what I did.

Oh well. I suppose perhaps I'll go back to writing on the computer anyway, now that I have ample time and access to a good Internet signal.

I also want to incorporate the picture idea and do a reboot of the site anyway. So I'll start on that today and give this thing a nice rejuvenative face lift this week.

I'm also going to fast today. I considered doing it last night before I went to bed anyway. And this oversight just further reinforces the need to refocus.

On the bright side I'm pretty sure I felt the baby moving around last night. Jeannette maintains I didn't, as she didn't feel anything. But her stomach was up against my ass in bed last night and I quite certainly felt an odd flutter, not unlike what Ripley must have felt just before the baby alien burst out of her stomach on the way down to the lava. - which I may be mixing up with Arnold's scene in one of the Terminator movies.

Anyway. I felt the baby. Apparently it's the size of a peach right now. Which I can confirm, I think.

Have a good day priminions. I'm going to try not to get too bummed about this restart. It's not an easy thing sometimes, the daily blog. As evidenced by the failure yesterday.

But we move forward.


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