Day 40 "Slobified"

We spent the whole day in the house.

I just realized this, just now, as I was thinking about what to write about and what I actually did today.

Wow. Well, we either needed the sleep, or are slowly becoming slobified and will soon be eating rabbits off a stick in a cave somewhere. Note: I tend to project patterns rather abruptly and with rather visceral imagery, if you hadn't already noticed.

I'm pretty sure we needed the rest. I slept in until well past noon. I haven't done that for a very long time. Nevertheless, it is behavior I am well acquainted with; in both my actual past, and current reputation - a reputation directly referring to that same sleepy and aforementioned past.

So I slept in and we were home all day. Was it storming out? Nope. Beautiful day. Could have gone anywhere. I have a car in the driveway with lots of gas, a new rear windshield for said car that is more than equal to the task of being occasionally glanced through, and a recently purchased coffee travel mug. Oh yes my friends, I could have gone anywhere! From the corner store down the street to.. I'd say.. maybe.. Edmunston, judging by my last driving performance from Ottawa to this very spot - (trip=debacle) - and my energy reserves this morning after that glorious and restive sleep in session.

We had a good day. Some of my family came over, my uncle, my aunt, even my grandfather stopped by. My uncle goes snowshoeing every Saturday with a big group and I have been waiting to see him in order to get more information. I think I'll go this Saturday and check it out. They do 9k. Which works out to about two hours. Great way to get to know the area in a hurry and stay in shape. If you're not there at 9am sharp they're gone and you're out. I like the sound of that. Disciplined.

So yeah, that was enjoyable. I've already been doing some snowshoeing over at the old barn but haven't used the polls before. But it can't be too hard. Just a form of really slow skiing really.

I'll be playing some hockey with one of my cousins soon. Yep, this was the plan. The reason I came home. More to do of course but there's lots of time for everything. I'm actually glad that we'll be shooting out in Vancouver for a lesser period of time. I want to get back here and really start to dig in.

I talked to my friends out in Vancouver tonight. S and J. We're pretty excited to see them. They have a baby who might be a robot designed to stare holes in the atmosphere with the craziest little blue, laser, eye beams you've ever seen. He's pretty f'#* ing cute, if I may go ahead and describe an infant with an expletive and etch it into the Internet for all time.

So it'll be fun to see them and spend some time together. J worked on the show last year and might be (hopefully) coming back. She doesn't have to of course. Totally her call. But I would probably throw an actor tantrum and threaten to not come out of my trailer until she was hired. I'm kidding of course ~ Or I'm not and I'll shut the whole city down and make them keep kraft services going day and night, feeding me dried raisins and crackers for as long as my protest lasted.

But it's fine if she doesn't come back to work and she's okay with ruining the whole show with her totally selfish desire to raise her new child. It was pretty great just having one of my best friends on set every day that first amazing season.

I remember when I had my make out scene with Pam (just a kiss, but I refuse to describe it any other way..) she came down to watch because she said she "couldn't understand how something like that could be happening right downstairs."

So she had to come down to see it all go down: Yet ANOTHER witness in the sea of (insert ratings # here) who watched the show that night: sufficiently enough, I suspect, that even were I to one day go insane from all this writing about planets and black holes and Aliens I could still be easily convinced that the event with my Pam did, in fact, happen. And that it wasn't also a figment of my now mutinied imagination.

Okay, that's thirty minutes. Hubble has stolen my spot on the bed. I have much to do before sleep it seems. A silent battle with a stubborn dog. This is how my day will end.

So be it. -mp