Day 39 "Gypsy Looking to Buy"

Today was a full day of looking for places to live.

It started off with a perusal of some condos in Vancouver for rent that were all over priced. But what can you do? We'll be there for three months. I'll be working. We have to live somewhere, so you do what you've got to do.

So we'll have to take care of that soon as we'll be leaving in a few weeks. I'm not altogether excited about having to book a place based on pictures online, but our options are rather limited from here. We're both a little wary given the nature of the old barn we're currently in and all the plethora of hassles we've dealt with there. But as I said, we need to live somewhere. So a trigger must be pulled at some point.

Then we went out with our real estate agent to look at houses. As expected, the property we loved online was just as good in person and significantly better than anything else we saw. Five houses total. But that one stood out like tits on a bull - not sure that really gives the image I was hoping for...

It's gorgeous, remote, and near water. Which is less sand than it is rocks, but that suits my style just fine. I'd mostly be down there at night anyway, with a telescope and a camera and my shoe shine kit. We weren't able to view all the paths and trails that come with the property, given the snow, but we didn't need to. You could see it was incredible. As was the drive in. Meandering wooded road up the mountain. I can't even imagine how great it would be in the fall.

It's still very early in the process and I'm sure we'll look at lots of other places. But I don't know we'll find something that checks off all the things we had on our list as well as this one. I'm also not someone who needs to search everywhere first before making a decision. It was the third house we saw, and as I said, it fit everything we both we're looking for perfectly. So we'll see.

No expectations (ha! What about the telescope comment!) we'll just play it by ear and see what plays out. But I have a good feeling about that one. It just felt like home.

The other places we looked at were all nice and thoroughly livable, but didn't have the same pop as the aforementioned one. A lot of it was the land and the proximity to water. That was the real difference. I guess most people would find the remoteness a strike against the property; it's the only way to explain why it was the same price as the other homes we saw but much bigger and nicer inside. But for us, it's just the right amount of "aw, not sure we can make it out tonight guys, it's a bit of a drive."


I kid of course. We're here to delve back in to family and friends and put roots down and all that jazz, so we won't want to be completely blocked off. Nor would we be. It's just a five minute drive from one of my cousins and maybe 20 from my parents. Both parties have already said they'd be more than happy to look after it when we're away.

Which won't be a lot. But we are going to travel at some point. There's no question about that.

I'm rambling a bit, but this was the first time I've ever looked at buying a house. I've rented my whole life guys. Such is the fate of the aspiring standup comic in Canada. And in LA,.. well, good luck affording a house you'd want to live in down there on a joke telling salary. Which isn't really a 'salary' at all.

And then, fast forward a year and a half and here I am looking to buy a house back home. Crazy. Life can change in a hurry kids. And I'm beyond thankful for that fact.

Okay, must write.. in a chair.. in an empty room at my parents place. But we're on the home stretch now. I'll have an office soon. And just wait and see how much content will get churned out of that place.

It's gonna be a motherfucking massacre. -mp