Day 36 "Snowden Stormgirls"

Snow storms and Golden Girls.

That's where my life is right now people. It's storming "wicked bad" outside right now. Which really threw off my plans of a late night walk down the path. Jeannette doesn't like the idea but I have the stars and a big stick and 25 years of athleticism. So I got this.

But it wasn't to be. No stars and blowing snow. I'd be crazy. Unless I had a torch... Ohhhh, Game of Thrones style.


Okay no. I'll refrain from a winter walk tonight. Visibility is bad. And the outdoors just isn't as good at night without the stars. I'd just be a weirdo stalking through the woods in a storm.

Not like the total 'non-weirdo' I was last night, standing out in the yard in flannel pajama pants staring up at the sky until my eyes adjusted and my mind was blown. Can't wait to get a telescope.

Plans always fall apart a bit on a snow day. I used to love them when I was a kid. It was a 24 hour break from the reality of school. Sure I could have used it to catch up on my studies, but why do that when you can go get into shit with your friends? Oh, the cars we used to blow up... I jest. Snowball fights when we lived in Quebec and pond hockey everywhere else. So Canadian it makes me gag a little.

And now we're knee deep in Golden Girls over here at the old barn. Which will conjure up a very strange image indeed when this entry is read generations from now ~ Which would presume my blog would be more popular than the golden girls in some distant future.. who won't even be remembered? Highly doubtful.

They've got legs these ones. And I'm not just talking about Blanch. Very funny ladies. Solid show. Getting me excited to get back at it.

Looking for houses this weekend. Saw some places online that we're going to view. Fun. Big purchase. But the only thing I care about is getting honest and verifiable information about the place. Especially after our current predicament:- details to come.. and perhaps a video review of the property. Pending.

But a house of my own? Yes, very excited. I'll have a garden. And a room for my glass-blowing equipment (could happen). Hell, I may even tear down a load bearing wall and run a pool in through the kitchen. It'll be my house! I'll do what I want.

You don't know me!

The chances we get anything before heading to Vancouver are slim to nearly none. But it's fun to look nonetheless. And apparently we'll be able to continue the process regardless of distance. "Thanks again technology! First you allow us to turn on the lights and now we can buy houses from across the country with a phone."

*Note: someone should REALLY take this phone away from me..

One house we saw in particular.. Well, anyway, we'll see.

Okay, this has taken me 30 minutes. I'm bleary eyed and mentally stumbling. Have a good night priminions. Morrow. -mp