Day 35 "Meful'simplifatize (s,ed,ing)"

Well you're lucky tonight. I've written a ton, come up with great ideas FOR the blog, including, but not limited to, eventually writing entries as characters from the coming book. Probably not until the book is written. But we'll see. As well as working on the parallel blog I write along side this one, in my book.

The point is I've already put a lot of time into the writing of this blog. And although it was admittedly not the physical act of writing to you lot, I feel more than completified tonight.

Nevertheless, as always I will fill you in on the goings on so we don't start to drift apart and forget we even knew each other in the first place.

First of all, my penis is fine. Thanks for mentally asking. I'm a fast healer. The Mats Sundin of genital related injuries I guess you could say ~ very few priminions will get that reference...

..we move on.. that's all healed up and ready to go. And by "go" I of course mean "continue to do nothing for 94% of the day like the miniaturized kola it symbolically resembles".

That part of the organism has quite the life if you think about it. Just hangs around all day, dangling like a drunken bat, interested only in activities that bring about glorious release or waves of intense pleasure.


Surely there's something else it could do. It hoards a rather large portion of the energy, does it not? Demands most of our attention to forward what "it" finds important. Ego much? But noooo, instead it seems quite content to continue on as like the lap dog of the household. Fun to play with every now and again but pretty much good for nothing for the rest of the day. Barely worth it's lofty position in the organization of things if you ask me. Which you don't.

That's not to say I'm not happy and relived he's now back online. Nor do I mean to sound ungrateful to all his good work these last however many years. We've been through a lot he and I. The time that skate almost took him out at a premature and untimely time? Yeesh. Sure it was just a few stitches and a little scar later - instead of the drastic change of plans it could have been - but it was still traumatic. As evidenced by how quickly the memory comes to mind when the topic of his history comes up.

This entire entry as been about my penis.

Le sigh.

Perhaps the entire blog has been now that I think about it.., in one way or another. But aren't they all? Well, the male ones anyway. Who can say with regard to the female motivations of such verbaholic behavior? I'll leave it to a particulate from that great and ancient race of goddesses to enlighten us as to their intentions.. at her leisure of course.

As for me? Who can say? My motivations are often hidden even from me. If only there was a Freudian algorithm I could plug into my site that could settle it for sure.


We did start the process of buying a house today. Yes, a dwelling - in my country of birth and localized area. So that was exciting.

I'd say the energy from that meeting kept Jeannette and I going pretty well the rest of the day, despite a battle with the sleep gods last night. They wouldn't bend to my will. My mind was on fire. Couldn't shut it off. Also couldn't stop moving all around. Kept it up pretty late. ... something I'm destined to repeat given the present hour.


Okay, as I said, I've been on this page about an hour and a half. I was creating made-up words as mnemonic tags to place in pictures I have yet to take to keep this memory train moving forward. All part of the new plan!

Minecraft was too long and I just can't sit in front of the TV or dick around on the pads that much anymore. The new plan involves a very expensive camera I already purchased (I only now discovered the reason) and the additional benefit of learning the structure and detail of the place I grew up in and will now live. Efficiency people.

Meaningful simplification.

So I'll say goodnight here.

This blog will be getting very interesting pretty soon I think. I hope you all stick around. It might be a bit of a ride. I'll let you interpret exactly what "kind" of ride it is as you see fit. -mp