Day 058 "Mental Debris"

I watched Enders Game tonight (well, most if it). Not bad. Of course my story begins with the complete destruction of the entire world and everyone on it. But if you want a story that isn't a travesty in the very beginning,.. then sure. It's as good as any.

I'm working on my historical, science fiction space adverturite right now, as a matter of fact. If you muuuuust know my exact location.


Literary Peeping Tom.

Would you like to know what I'm wearing as well, you lecherous blog whore?

~ Why so aggressive in the end there with the whore comment? We were on board until you showed such clearly poor judgement. Admonishment sir.. Feel it! ~

Duly noted. So where were we? Ah yes, I was spinning a tale of whoa after having fire bombed the entire planetary ball of yarn from which I should be trying to string it. ..

If that made any sense at all. Which is questionable.

Another way then:

I was writing and you were being a bit of a felcher )I have no idea if that's a word or not, but if it is I'm quite sure my intended use will be different from the actual definition; which I believe has something to do with birds.. If anything(

In other news, it was a big day in a totally non ranting way. I either successfully bought a house today, or unfortunately signed a contract with the bank to be sued in the very near future should Package Deal be abruptly and utterly un..existed.

So... Hard to know how to feel about that.


I think so. All the evidence points to that. The writers are writing. The actors are moving. The Hollywood Reporter..reported it; and they never lie, right? I mean they're as good as TMZ for solid journalistaing historiographing - which makes no sense, but someone will use it or something like it eventually.

So yes. I have a house.

I suppose prudence would have had me wait to find a house when we got back from completing, you know, actual work: which is to say, labour already rendered for which you are owed an existing sum of money - rather than, the embarked upon plan we've decided upon.

But when have I ever been prudent?

No I say! Pull up the anchor, drop the masts, and lets sail this Thundercat toward the sun until we hit a rock, run out of supplies or are boarded by Nigerians.*

*Not sure what part the Nigerians played in that metaphor.. I know Thundercat was the name of the ship which is "life", but...

Well anyway. I'm showing up to our studio in two weeks regardless of any tragic news anyone were to give me. And I'm putting on a show come hell or high water! And even if I'm alone and it's just the camera on my phone I'll do SOMETHING that SOMEONE will pay the deposit on a house to see!!

(But it'll be in character at least, so when I come home from whatever it has to be I can still look my mother in the face)

So everyone calm down. I'm covered. I'm very acrobatic and have no problem with nudity. The house is ours.

Finally, logic allows me to get emotional about something. Took long enough.

So I have a house!! As of right now.

And it's on water.

And it's mine.

.. unless you have a weapon of any kind or are, I suppose, an ambassador to the country that successfully invaded us. With their weapons? I don't know. I tried to think of another person I'd give up my house to and nothing came to mind so I reached for something.

But no. F you ambassadors. I don't like your attitude and your swirly white mustaches are stupid. None of you are allowed to stay at my house.

Have I mentioned I'm delusional from a long day? ~ Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?

Oh, and I ran into my aunt today. That was fun. Just ran into her, downtown, at the Tim Hortons. I say "the" because there's just the one. Unless you count the little lemonade stand that's a "drive-thru" Tims just down the street.

Which I most certainly don't.

We chatted about hockey and the cold. It was nice. A far cry from bumping into a gangly Spider-Man on Hollywood boulevard and having him hassle me for a picture as I'm trying to get to an audition for a shitty Mentos commercial.

Quite nice actually. I never thought I'd prefer my aunt's company to my favorite superhero. I guess it was bound to happen. Those movies were all shit. -mp